Planescape: Torment appreciation thread

I got a copy of Planescape: Torment two days ago. It is the unqualified best computer game I own, narrowly edging out Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament. Should any RPG fans happen upon this gem, buy it immedieatly.
The best way to describe this game is Fallout on crack, 'roids, zyme, Jet, and slab, concurrently. My one fear is that the game will slow down at the end, a la Fallout 2. That, and the fear that I missed a crucial item/npc. So, does anyone else with this beauty wanna comment?

Sure. I actually started playing this only a couple weeks ago myself. I’m a huge fan of the Baldur’s Gate type games and a friend lent it to me. I didn’t expect to like it – I like the Forgotten Realms setting so much better than Planescape – but damn, this game was well down. The outright creepiness of the first few hours of the game is incredible. It wears off, but the game is certainly interesting. I was frustrated at the character creation, but after playing through the game, I think it was an interesting experiment. Absolutely one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played – I think it’s probably just as good as Final Fantasy VII and probably better than any of the other D&D games, including Baldur’s Gate II, my previous favorite.

The NPCs are genuinely interesting and distinct, too! (Not just an alignment, race, and class played out to its probable ending.) I’ve really enjoyed the character interactions – don’t miss out on talking to your other party members often! (It’s fun, interesting, and you’ll often get XP and items from doing so.)

I’m not done, but the game is slowing down a wee bit – I think that’s just because I thought the escape from the Mortuary and not knowing anything was so durn cool.

I’d say a third of my posts I slip in how cool this game is. Definatly my favorite rpg yet.

Torment is a great game, especially for D&D players. I’ve adapted my pen-and-paper game based in Sigil to use a lot of the places in Torment (one PC is a Dustman, so the Mortuary is used often.)

I’m going to be adapting Torment locations for Neverwinter Nights later this year, so if you get that game as well look to my webpage to continue the adventures of the Nameless One.

Um, look. No offence meant, but a module continuing the adventures of Nameless would suck. Hard. There is no reason to continue with him; his story came full circle at the end of Torment.

Now, if you want to make a module and have Annah star… Well! :slight_smile: Couldn’t go wrong there. I wonder how much Sheena Easton costs for voicework?


You gotta love the fact that John De Lance (Star Trek’s Q) did the voice for the angel.

Man this game was awesome. I liked it much more than any of the other D&D RPGs Ive enjoyed.

A plot that was actually interesting and involving; characters I actually gave a damn about–both intensely rare in computer rpgs. I loved the fact that the final confrontation could be done with no violence at all (after some admittedly irritating final combat slogging) if you’d completed a few key things beforehand.

Ya know. I tried to get into this game. I really did. I loved both fallouts immensily. In fact Fallout 2 is my favorite game of all time. But Torment had WAY too much dialouge for my tastes. I felt like I was barely ever fighting. I never really liked that BG engine anyway so I dont know why I was suprised.

That skull dude was funny though. Morty?

I wonder what the final figures were for Torment. I recall that the sales were lackluster, and so we’ll probably never see its like again, but everytime I see a thread on the great RPGs come up, Torment is extolled. Is it making money for the company now in its repackaged form? I tell all my friends to run out and get it, and many of them have.

Don’t be too down, JAngel…

Mr. Feargus Urguhart himself has said they are considering going in that direction. He also said P:T did better than most people realize, and the massive word of mouth, the continuing success of other BI games, and so forth could mean much larger box office figures next time around. As to the plot, I don’t know. It might be only tertiailly related to P:T, or be different altogether.

If they do it again, it may well wind up being 3D (I used to hate 3D, until Neverwinter Nights and Thief and Warcraft 3 finally showed people hopw to do it right), and hopefully a little more free than the first one.

I have to agree with Stinkpalm, I tried to get into this game too and the atmosphere it set up was pretty cool. But it felt like I had to talk to everybody and after a while I just gave up. I guess my tastes aren’t as refined as I prefer the simpler hack and slash games like Baldur’s gate.

Very original premise. I liked it alot. One of the few really solid RPGs ever produced in North America.

Good to hear (as I’ve heard many times before). If I ever finish Morrowind, P:T is next on the list. $10 packaged with Soulbringer at Best Buy. Can’t go wrong at that price.

Best. RPG. Ever.

I loved it. I have a tight group of favorites, this one being the only one to break into that group in awhile.

It doesn’t slow down at the end, it rolls smoothly to a wonderful cilmax.

I even wrote a review for it at Gamefaqs.

7 hours ago, I won. DAMN, but that was the coolest confrontation ever. Question: Is there any way to get a happy ending for you?

Sort of:

[spoiler]At least two solutions land you in hell. But you can also “unmake” your mortality if you have a really, really high wisdom (say 24) – which I did because I was originally hoping to play a priest.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds. But it is happier.[/spoiler]

Hope this helps.