Planet Earth Golf Course - hole recommendations

So they’re building the world’s most beautiful course with holes scattered anywhere and everywhere over the entire globe, wherever the perfect conditions exist. Those “conditions” simply are that it could be playable in a traditional sense and that it be aesthetically nothing short of stunning.

If you wish describe the tee locations, layout and the green. Difficulty in getting to the hole is not a consideration, it’s simply a given that the players made it there.

I’d like to nominate this goosenecked mesa at Dead Horse Point State Park. The Championship and Men’s tees are in the back just behind the bluff wall. The Women’s tee is just this side of the bluff and all play from left to right to the green at the plateau’s point. Par 3.

IIRC, National Lampoon had a spread on this interesting topic.

The water fall on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia was the one I remember best. You had to line your shot across the chasm and hit a small green on a tiny cliff halfway down the far side. It looked like about 10 meters by 25.

Bud Chapman Infamous golf holes.

I should have guessed this topic would have been broached before. Any number of times while travelling I’ve seen vistas that simply screamed “Break out a driver and do your worst!”

Notfrommensa, that #4 is perfect and I’d forgotton about it despite being awed by it years back. That’s Toroweap Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and yes, after a long drive in you can straddle the gap with one leg on solid footing and the other out on the promintory and enjoy that exact perspective. Bring extra balls.

Doubtless all of you have seen this one before, but an actual golf hole that I think meets the criteria is the Legends Golf Safari’s 19th hole, a ~600m par 3. It helps that the tee is 430m above the green…

Holy smokes, no, I’d not and I almost get dizzy just looking at the picture. How in the world do you judge how hard to hit when the drop is greater than the run? A ball in flight for 20 seconds… heh, amazing.

Someone made the Bud Chapman layout for Links years ago-was pretty fun, tho the AI struggled with some of the shots.