Yeah, I finally bought this game along with the two latest Sims expansions. I was put off this game at first because I already have the original first-person SimGolf somewhere but then I saw its positive reviews. This game is so cool! Any fan of The Sims should get this, especially since the price is now below that of a Sims expansion. Of course, the Sims-based version would be so much better if they had managed to combine its designer with the first-person gameplay of the original.

Now a question for the SimGolf course designers out there: how do I improve a hole’s imagination score? With my latest course, I can’t host a tournament until I improve at least one hole.

I found that adding monuments and making the hole more difficult helped my imagination score. But I haven’t played it in months.

Great game! Very fun to play. Played it to death when it first came out. I once built this insane desert course that had one giant green, with 18 pins on it! :blink: All the holes were incredibly long, with hazards everywhere, blind approach shots. Frustrated golfers, let me tell you. But alas, that is another story. :wink:

So you want a hole to be an imagination hole? A quick and very dirty way to do that is to put trees right in front of the tee. A bunch of trees. Use the “/” key to make certain that the player can’t go over the trees. Force the player to hit a fade or a draw to hit the fairway. Voila! You have just added about 0.25 imagination to your hole.

However, this solution is not elegant. A more elegant solution is to make a slight dogleg in your hole, tilt the fairway at the dogleg, and funnel balls that are hit straight into the rough or a hazard. Make sure that only people who hit a fade shot are going down the fairway for a reasonable length and you will be adding imagination. For their second shot on this hypothetical par 4, make sure that only people with length can reach the green in two shots. Position the cursor where the long balls landed the first time and place the green appropriately. If done correctly you have a Heroic hole. If you also demand accuracy (Maybe you made the landing spaces very narrow too!) then you have a Classic hole. If you sloped the fairway again, so that only long hitters with a draw could hit the green in two strokes, then you’ve upped the length and imagination a second time.

These rating accumulate until enough golfers have finished the hole to determine the type of hole that it is. If only imaginative players with length have birdies, and everyone else has bogeys or worse, then it slews the ratings. Needless to say, it isn’t much fun if 90% of the players are walking off the hole with double bogeys.

In Sid’s limited knowledge of the game of Golf he has determined the criteria for each type of rating. Your job is to figure out how to increase each rating, by creating undulations and hazards in appropriate spots. Use the “/” key at the tee and at the places where most of the shots land. Punish poor shots!

Have fun!

Thanks, Fingolfin. What I’ve been thinking about is buying another plot of land and rearraning a couple of holes. See, my latest course is in the Northeast with all the Civil War monuments and stuff. One hole is a par-5 that doglegs left around one of the monument squares and there’s currently another hole along the opposite side. I’m planning to relocate that hole and combine some of its current fairway with that par-5, resulting in the duffers having to choose from really going left or going right.

I think the toughest hole I have right now is an uphill par-4 that crosses a wide stretch of water. Anyone that doesn’t have the length to carry the ball across from the tee has to aim for an island instead.

Just finished playing a bit more. I think that par-4 was my first Heroic hole.

About my imagination trouble, I needed four more, not just one. So I futzed around with some that have low imagination scores and added some yardage to a couple of par-3s to make them 4s. That got me up to 7 (9 is required for an 18-hole tourney). So, I futzed around a bit more and it dropped to 5 again! Oh, well. I guess I should stick to the Easy setting.

My problem with this game is once you “break” it there’s not much challenge–once you get enough money to build and buy whatever you want, it’s hard to keep going. I also wish the plots of land you got had more slope to them–that would help you plot a course.

But yes, it can be a fantastic game. It also holds the distinction of being the last computer game I ever bought,and I bought it the week it came out, so that’s saying a lot (but that has more to do with my getting a PS2 than the greatness of the game).

Yeah Jeff, minor changes to the course have a BIG influence on the hole ratings. Removing a few trees could dramtically change things. On one course I made, I removed a few trees and suddenly golfers were getting angry. Why? Well these trees were shielding players from the landing area from a tee on an adjacent hole. Removing these trees removed this “cover” and the golfers on the next hole were getting stressed because the tee shots were landing too close to them. “Hey, that ball almost hit me!” LOL! :blink:

IMHO, Easy is too easy. Difficult is too difficult. On the Difficult setting, everything has to be perfect, otherwise you’ll get a chain reaction of agitated golfers storming off your course. Medium is just about right. :wink:

I really wish the game included more objects to plant on your course. I’m surprised they havn’t come out with an Expansion Pack yet.

Oh and Jeff, how many Classic holes have you created yet? Classic holes are the real benchmark for determing whether or not you have mastered the game based on the criteria Simgolf provides. And I’ll tell ya, they are tough to make! I’ve seen some fan courses that have 15/16 Classic holes on them! I can give you some good tips on creating Classic holes if you want.

My problem came when I had enough cash to keep the course running, but not enough to add or build or improve anything (Kinda like SimCity, actually), so I’d get bored.

I wrote a review of it when it came out. My biggest problem is that you don’t get to play your course in a 3-d mode.

I’m pretty much just starting out. I don’t have any Classics yet! Any advice will be welcome.

I can’t find the website where I got this information from originally. Maybe it’s closed now, I dunno. Anyway, chew on this for a while and you should be good to go. :wink:

Par 3, Step-by-Step Guide


Thanks, I’m still trying. I did download a few fan-made championship courses and one of those has at least 10 classic holes. I started a new course and drawing on that one for inspiration but I haven’t been successful yet.

I love the game after seeing this thread I started playing again. Thanks for the guide Finglofin, it quantifies a lot of what I had been wondering and assuming about. The first hole I ever made turned into a classic hole within one year out of sheer dumb luck. So I assumed it was easy, and got frustrated by the fact none of my other hole was working I eventually found out some keys. To increase length I use an archipeligo fairway. By which I mean that rather than a continuous fairway I just make little blobs of fairway, that the long players can always can hit the second one, but the short players have to hop to each one. For acuracy points, skinny one tile wide fairways seem to help. As well as single square greens. Creative is the hard one. Setting a dog-leg or crescent shaped fairway around a lake or forest, at the right distance to allow for a draw shot to go real far works fairly well. Trees around the green work to, cause then they have to use a low shot, which I’m pretty sure counts as creative. Also a slope on the pin square seems to add a few tenths of a point, but I’m not sure why.

At the moment I have 2 classic holes, with 5 others just a smidgen away. And I just won my first championship tournament. :slight_smile: 1.4 million.

which brings me to my questions.
I have 2.7 million dollars, and want to by one of the other courses to work on, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

And what does the ‘Grand Slam’ stuff in the to do list mean. What do I have to do to accomplish those.

You need to open the world map to select another course to build. Of course, the manual says once you start building on a new course you can’t go back. You need to make sure that you’re all done with your current course before moving on to the next.

What do you mean by open the world map?

To get it you need a 90+ SGA rating. Pretty difficult, but not impossible. I find that the hardest points to get are in the imaginative and length categories (also in the time to complete the course).

The problem I have right now is that I have two holes that are classic, but the game won’t recognize them so I can’t cross them off the to-do list. Any pointers?


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