Mini-Putt:Yet another time-killer.

If you want to kiss another work day goodbye, check this out.

My first round I shot a 48, and hope to improve dramatically in the near future.

I just topped my best with a 41.

Oh my. I started with a respectable 51. I figure by 5:00 I’ll be a pro.

Man. I got 45, but I had 7 over on hole 14!!! 5 hole-in-ones, and one 7 over par. Grrrr! I haven’t quite gotten a grasp of how the hills work.

I see this is making the rounds again. My best so far is a 24, but then again I played it the last time about 6-8 months ago. If you search the boards you can find how to play all the holes.

The stupid windmill and the last hole get me every time! I did end up managing a very good score of 41, with most holes being made in two shots, with two holes-in-one. Very addictive game indeed.


Best I’ve ever gotten (after playing for a week) was a 25, without any cheating. A friend scored a 19(!), which required some amount of luck, in addition to changing the screen size to get holes-in-one on #8 and #17.

Link; link.

Hills are wonky. 12 is very irritating. I’ve figured a way to get a 2 consistently though. 14 isn’t so hard, just takes the right angle (slightly off of straight) to get hole-in-one every time. I’ve given up on trying to conquer the windmill, I’m working on the angle for a hole-in-one through the side tunnels now. That way you’re assured of at worst a 2 every time. 4 is also surprisingly hard. 17 is by far my least favorite. I can’t even think of any way to get better than a 3 there.

It sure does suck up a lot of hours.

Again? Wow. I remember this. I think I even started a thread on it. My best (after A LOT of practice) is a 22. 14 Holes-in-One, and 4 in two.