I'm strung out on this Mini-Golf game - Can you beat 30?


Par is 48, my best yesterday was a 33 and two 34’s but then today I aced the last hole and shot a 30. (I have the screen capture to prove it.)

My best score on that Mini-Putt game is 24, which I did a while ago. Once you learn the tricks for the holes, you will easily be able to beat 30. I think someone here actually got 18 on it once, but I’m not sure.


Just posted a 29 because I played it safe on the 18th and shot a 2 instead of taking the chance of it rolling all the way back down. I’m not sure an 18 is possible, since a couple of the long double-dog legs don’t seem reachable after bouncing the ball around so much, but I suppose there’s a way.

I really, really need to stop playing and get some work done.

Down to a 26. Can’t stop. Can’t work. Can’t blink.

Gotta beat Jman.

I haven’t played that in a while, but my best score when I did was 23. I usually averaged about a 28.

18 is possible. Holes 4, 8, and 17 are the hardest. There is no randomness built into the game. The “trick” is to work on each hole, find something that works (record the exact position of one of the dots as you aim), and never deviate.

17 can be aced with a hard multiple bank starting at about 2:00. In this version, the border around the game is pretty small, resulting is less available power. The multiple bank may not be possible.

Interestingly, there is a bug in the windmill hole that sometimes gives a score of one even if two strokes were used. I scored an 18 once that way and once legitimately.

Then I stopped.

There is a much more challenging (and fun) version of the game here.

I got a 20 once, with 2s only on 16 and 18. With 8 what I’d do is put the ball down at the bottom left corner of the drop area and held the putter back until the next to last yellow dot was just under and just behind the edge of the first wooden slat sticking. I play the challenging version now too.

I’ve gotten 20s a number of times, with 4 and 17 being my usual bugaboos (even though I’ve aced each of them on occasion). My timing on the windmill hole is off more than occasionally, too.