Good PC golf game? (not Tiger)

Seems like EA is not releasing Tiger Woods for the PC this year. Why I cannot imagine. How unbelievably shitty. It’s the only viddy game I like. And I like it a lot.

But I refuse to buy a console just for one game. Anyone know of a PC golf game as good or nearly as good as Tiger? Thanking you.

Well, I just so happened to get back into Links 2003 recently, and, while it isn’t state-of-the-art graphics-wise, the visuals are more than serviceable and the gameplay is solid (despite a few annoying quirks). There’s also a ton of addon courses available, and you can download the game for only $7.99.

Link to game

Link to addon courses

1.07 patch which fixes some bugs and adds some new features

If you like something rather wacky and twisted, try the Infamous Golf Course, based very faithfully on the 18 painting series of improbable golf holes.

Thanks for the tip, John.

Are you saying Tiger is not politically correct?


Arrgh! Don’t get me started, man. EA has made tiger for the PC since at least 2000, and for some reason they decided not to this year. I love this game. It’s been a lot of fun to see what they come up with year in and year out. Some years are kind of lame, but some years have been brilliant. I have a long and satisfying relationship with this game. The only other viddy game I have ever bought was Bad Mojo, and how long ago was that?

I don’t have the reflexes or the ability to remember complicated commands, and that is why I only play viddy golf. I am too much of a cheap Yankee to buy a console just to play Tiger, but I am bumming big time! I shake my fist at you, EA!