"Planet Unicorn" -- genius or dumbest thing ever?

Planet Unicorn is apparently the latest rage among hipster types. Even some of my more ‘adult’ friends (i.e. gainfully employed, responsible, not arrested adolescent) swear that it is the new “coolest.thing.ever.” As for myself, I think it has it’s slight charm, but is frankly rather dumb. What do you think?

How does an eight year old know he’s gay?

I clicked your link, read the intro page and clicked through that. Then, it was a list of episodes with nothing else to click on so I closed the tab. Perhaps my work computer didn’t render the images or something. Anyway, it would still have to overcome the huge fucking hurdle of my total disinterest in the story of some gay kid and his flying unicorns. Not. the. coolest. thing. ever.

CalMeacham, he knows he’s gay because a unicorn told him. Either that or his molester uncle had his hand in it (so to speak).

I can’t see it on this computer, but if it’s anything like Charlie the Unicorn, then it’s genius. End of discussion.

There was more than a list of episodes there were all the episodes set up to play from youtube. Just click on the pretty pictures.

I watched the first one. It is only cool as a parody of my pretty pony cartoons. There is not much coolness to milk from that and I think that most was milked about 1/3 of the way into the first episode.

not to hijack, but I did. I didn’t have that word for it but I did know.

bolding mine

Bingo, work computer blocks youtube. Though judging from your post, I’m not missing much.

Nope, Charlie the Unicorn is way, way better and funnier. Based on my viewing of the first episode of “Planet Unicorn,” it appears that the creators think that “gay” automatically equals “funny”. Alas, it does not.

When I was eight, I knew I wanted girls. Didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with them, but the interest was there.

checks out site; looking for planet-sized Transformer
gets extremely confused at opening screen
reads title closer; sheepishly closes link

Yep, I was all ready to read a debate about Leonard Nimoy vs. Orson Welles. :smiley:

As for the real OP… Damn, that cartoon sucks. It’s too precious to be ironic, and too dumb to be funny. The animation’s so bad, I could barely manage to finish the first one. Give me Robot Chicken over this any day.

It tries too hard at the “too cool to be cool” thing. Even when you’re in the mood for that sort of humor, Planet Unicorn is only mildly amusing.

Yeah, it’s not really funny. It’s not even very quotable.

I suppose you have to see it at least once, though.

Dude…is that supposed to be ironic?

I don’t even know anymore…

“Planet Unicorn” was terrible. I stopped about halfway through the first episode, and I’m furiously trying to forget I ever saw it.

“Charlie The Unicorn” wasn’t as bad, even if it did sound exactly like Walter & Perry dragging Coach McGurk around (in some sense that’s high praise).

If Ed Wood, George Lucas, and Britney Spears tried to make the stupidest thing in the history of stupid things it would not be 10^(-34) percent as stupid as planet unicorn.

Hipster irony can’t save such utter stupidity. It only makes it worse.

Does anyone have a link to none lame unicorn movies? It was better than planet unicorn but that is not going to get them a golden palm at Cannes.

I’m only 30, but it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe something will overtake it at some point but I can’t really see how.

Wow, that was sooo gay.

I thought it was kind of amusing, though it will never be at the top of my list of things that are awesome or anything. The best part of it is the kicky theme song and that one of the unicorns is named Tom Cruise. Seriously though, I could go through and just play the opening theme song over and over again. It is super catchy!