MTV2's "Wonder Showzen"--WTF?

Let me begin by saying that when it comes to comedy, I am no prude. I love everything by John Waters, ditto “South Park” and “Team America”; and on TV, I think “ILL-ustrated” is very funny (though “TV Funhouse” was better). That being said, several publications (including the very mainstream TV Guide) have been raving about this show. It has been described as “edgy” and “pushing the envelope”. Last week, I watched the “Mother Nature” episode. If you saw it, you know what I’m talking about; if you didn’t, consider yourselves fortunate. As I stated before, I do not offend easily. However, this actually made me physically ill! My question is, am I getting old, or do others see this as nothing more than a steaming dog turd on the sidewalk of comedy? I await your opinions.

I’ve never seen the show, but here is a brief article with some info about it.

That was the one with the puppet fucking the box full of severed female gential parts, removed from Mother Nature as she underwent a sex change, right?

Geeze, how else can you broach the subject for a children’s show?

From the interview:

I found that quite amusing.

I haven’t seen the offensive parts yet, but it is definitely some serious weird.

I liked the episode where they decided to run the episode backwards after about the first 12 minutes. So they did. Backwards, for 12 minutes. Somewhere, that fried a stoner’s brain.

I also like the episode wheree God committed suicide.


I found that unforgivably boring.

I saw the episode that had one of the characters suffering from cooties. If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about.

It was truly some funny stuff. The surreality was refreshing.

I can’t watch it regularly because it skeeves me out too much, but in small doses I think it’s hilarious.


I watched every episode in one day, one after the other.

I may be clinically insane now.