On its own, a weird yet watchable show. But it’s in the worst time slot it could possibly be: right after “Joan of Arcadia,” which it strongly resembles. In “Joan,” God sends the main character on seemingly random missions whose ramifications she doesn’t understand until later. In “Wonderfalls,” talking animal figurines send the main character on seemingly random missions whose ramifications she doesn’t understand until later.

I can’t imagine viewers are going to be up for two straight hours of “I can’t tell you WHY you have to do this – just do it!”

My wife and I enjoyed it last night, and I look forward to watching it again next week. That said, we both really wanted to watch “Joan” when we heard about it before the new season began. It’s on Friday though, which means I have never seen a single episode of it.

I fear that “Wonderfalls” will go the way of another quirky show that lived on Fox Friday nights, namely “Firefly.” I said I was swearing off television after it dumped me two seasons ago, but here I am investing myself in new shows again. Isn’t this the very definition of an abusive relationship?

I agree that it resembles Joan, but Edlyn and I thought of it as more like the Ally McBeal of the 00s.

It was quirky and weird. I kind of liked it but I felt like I may have missed something at the beginning. I turned it on just as she finished telling the story about the Indian chick at the falls. Did she inadvertently make a wish in that fountain when she tossed that quarter in or was it her near-death choking experience that led to the “ability”.

I’ve been watching Joan of Arcadia but only because there’s really nothing else on at that hour. It’s okay, but I’m not really hooked on it. Even though I consider myself an agnostic now, my Catholic upbringing makes me wince every time Joan gets snotty with God. I keep expecting her to be smited… smote? … smoted?

I think I prefer Wonderfalls because of that aspect. If she doesn’t do what the inanimate objects tell her to do she is only subjected to a never-ending rendition of “Hello My Baby, Hello My Honey” (a nod to the old Warner Brothers cartoon frog?).

But yeah, it’s on FOX so it’s probably doomed.

It does resemble “Joan” to a degree but I think it has more in common with Dead Like Me. Twenty something underacheiver with weird family is rude but external forces make her help people. I liked the show but don’t think Fox will keep it around too long.

The FOX web page has an audio commentary for the first episode, which is a neat idea. The writer mentions that there was originally no real explanation for the “ability”, but the studio wanted one added, which led to the creation of the choking scene, even though that still doesn’t really explain it.

I loved the show. It was hilarious, with more of an “edge” than Joan of Arcadia. And cancellation in 3… 2…

I enjoyed the show very much. I love witty, acerbic characters, and Jaye needs to be acerbic to counter the slightly cutesy premise. Hope the show lasts.

I tuned in about 30 seconds late, and unless I missed it then, they didn’t play Andy Partridge’s theme song at all. :confused:

I agree it resembles Joan of Arcadia more than a bit, but it also more closely resembles Ally McBeal.

I like the fact that the protagonist is a cynical misanthrope, but I’m getting the awful feeling that her visions will lead her to become a better and less-entertaining person. I also don’t like the fact that she has a romantic interest already, since it seems so out of character for a person with such a grudge about life to go googoo over a guy.

Anyway, the fountain scene was supposed to explain her visions? How? Did she make some kind of wish? All I remember is the quarter bouncing off the statue, ricocheting off her head, then landing into the fountain. Did she say something like, “I wish I could fix my life,” before she choked on her sandwich?

Also, did anyone else notice that apparently it’s okay to say “Piss off” on tv now? And I was surprised to hear “asshole” on another show, too.

Did you read the thread? The studio wanted an explanation so a scene was added to serve that purpose even though the added explanation scene doesn’t explain anything.

In other words, the explanation scene was a joke.

It’s a show about a woman who gets messages from wax animals. It’s supposed to make sense?

I watched it because I like the idea and of course it was created by Tim Minear, and I’ll always support Angel (and Firefly) alum…but that’s also why i didn’t want to watch it. Because I knew i’d like it (and I did) and I knew it was on FOX, so I know it must be cancelled before May. sigh

I haven’t really kept abreast of recent TV developments, but I did manage to watch part of this show and I was surprised to find that I actually liked it. Now, why is everyone singing the death chant for this one? What gems has Fox been snatching off the air?

What gems has Fox been snatching off the air? Andy Richter (to which Wonderfalls bears a certain resemblance) for one.

The Tick for two. And their mistreatment of Futurerama and the Family guy. I know there are others that escape my mind right now.

I watched most of the show. Was writing an email during the first half, so I didn’t pay any attention then (and I’m sorry I didn’t). But really liked what I saw in the second half, and I liked the lion with the pinched in face.

I’m also sorry I didn’t record it because like others here, I think it has the curse of a good show on Fox. Being on Friday nights won’t help it either.

Yikes, did they already run the first episode?! How did I miss that it was going to be on? Maybe it was the fact that I’ve only seen one commercial for it the show… :rolleyes:

It looks like they’re re-running the premiere episode on Thursday, so I’ll make sure to catch it this time.


I dug it.

In the best possible FOX scenario, I think we’re looking at the cancellation of Wonderfalls or Tru Calling, but not both, and that the second season of whichever one makes it through will really, really suck (Dark Angel, for example) even though both have intriguing premises and so far I’ve enjoyed both.

I hadn’t made an Ally McBeal connection, but it fits. And I liked Ally McBeal. Except for the incredible thinness, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fox seems bound and determined to be the “Sunday night comedy plus cheesy reality television” channel. That’s all they advertise regularly. I wonder why they even both buying any shows if they’re just going to shit on them.

I was wondering why Jaye looked so familiar. She may be a reincarnation of Carole Bouquet. Or maybe just an illegitimate daughter.

Still, the show was funny and quirky. I give it half a season, since it is Friday night on Fox, after all.

I saw it Friday night and I loved it. I haven’t watched a series on Friday night in ages, but I plan on catching more of this one. Well done!