Planet X is coming!!!!

[daffy duck]
Thith planet not big enough for the both of usth.
[/daffy duck]


Funny you should mention it, I was just there for an extended weekend. It’s not that different from Earth, actually. Except they eat corn-on-the-cob up and down instead of side to side.

Oh, and the women all have breasts on their backs. More fun to dance with.

If planet X runs into earth, wouldn’t that destroy the giants and demon folk living on X?

I heard that Planet X was going to try a re-edit and go for a Planet R with the X rated stuff as an unedited DVD

I love that he announces the imminent destruction of the world with that huge grin on his face.

I know.
He is so entertaining sometimes.
I wonder what meds he is on.:dubious:

No, it was renamed Planet NC-17 in 1990.

I like how the collision with this planet will cause “horrific hurricanes and unparalleled tornadoes, floods, and volcanic blowouts, and leave other planetary calamities in its wake.”

For some reason, I always figured if one planet collided with another, that there’d be pretty much nothing left of EITHER planet (unless Mercury crashed into Jupiter, but that’s like flicking a penny at an elephant).

I have been a little curious about this lately, though. I mean, a few months back, scientists discovered this “planet” outside the orbit of Pluto, which you think would be a big frickin deal…but since it’s discovery, I don’t recall hearing shit about it. What’s up with that?

I liked reading When Worlds Collide.

from the link in the OP… Doomsayers are predicting the marauding planet’s elliptical orbit will bring it near to the earth by this spring or summer.


Y’know, that’s not going to give this guy nearly enough time for the book to come out in paperback. :smack:

Still, at least I’ll be able to replenish my supply of the Shaving-Cream Atom™.

The really scary thing is he lives about five miles from my house. I guess I’ll just have to duck and cover when the big rock squishes him.

This is BS.

The Bad Astronomer has been leading the battle against ignorance in this matter.

Don’t make the Bad Astronomer cry.

You are so funny.
Love the location. Seen any giants?

In my pants!

sophmoric humor is the best :smiley:

(esp if’n youse cain’t spail rite)

I thought you were going to make a comment about the football team…:wink:

Texe is really good for a few laughs, though. Check out his old newsletters.

BTW, I stole the corn-on-the-cob thingy from Father Guido Sarducci.

He was funny.

Yes, he was.
Loved his books.

OTOH according to this website,

So which is are Britain’s Royal Family really harbringers of the coming apocalypse or merely aliens?

Open wide, Venus!