Planting seeds in April

I’ve bought some seeds-green beans, squash, peas.
Is it too early to plant them?
No more below freezing temperatures will occur here.

Check with your garden centre about the last frost free day in your area. If you’re ok, go for it. If not, and you’re about 3 weeks away from the magic day, try getting a jump on the growing season by starting the seeds indoors.

Depends on the seeds. Your peas can be planted anytime after the ground thaws enough to be worked; they prefer cooler weather. (Same with beets, cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower and lettuce)

The squash does better when the nights get warm. (Same with cucumbers and zucchini) You could actually start them inside now, and transplant when the ground is warmed up.

The beans are a bit hardier, but they still do better when the nights are warm.

Good luck! It’s a satisfying thing.

Frost? If a smallish area, you can prepare for frost by buying some covering (such as plastic sheeting).

Many farmers/growers plant before the last frost and prepare for a few inevitable ones.

In the North East, the rule of thumb is to plant after Mothers Day. But some hardier plants can get going by mid-april, provided some protection at some point.