Playhouse Disney (TV) appreciation thread

As often as I’ve cracked jokes about the Dark OverLords of the Disney Empire, I have to give them full credit for getting preschooler TV right.

Great shows. Good messages. Shows that encourage a range of interests and developmental skills. NO commercials–not even for their own products (although Disney movies are undeniably showcased in their little short music videos and such). A nice website with a lot of free activities.

It broke my heart when my son lost interest in Bear in the Big Blue House. I really like Stanley, and actually find the Wiggles tolerable. Playhouse Disney had a new series of shorts lately starring a little cartoon guy named Max who discusses manners. That really gets across to my son.

I like Nick Jr too (though rarely see it) and PBS kids certainly has its merits, but I’m particularly impressed with the Disney Channel.

Playhouse Disney is our favorite too. The production values on the shows are very high, no commercials, and the kids love it.

We particularly like Bear, Stanley, Olie and the Wiggles, although Pooh and PB&J are tolerable.

I don’t have Nick or the other kid-oriented channels on at home, mostly because of the commercials.

My 3 year old loves the website, and we just went to see Playhouse Disney Live at Disney’s California Adventure park in SoCal. It was a great show, with all their favorites- Bear and his crew, the bots from Rolie Polie Olie, Stanely and Dennis, and the Pooh crew. Lots of singing and dancing, and a nice story about making new friends (Tutter figures prominently).

If you are going to have children’s television on at all, I think Playhouse Disney is the bomb.

My son loves Stanley and the Wiggles.

I love the fact that they don’t have commercials for anything but other shows. No commercials for super sweet cerals or silly toys.

At night, the Disney Channel gets irritating, but during the morning, it’s great!

Yeah, I turn it off as soon as it switches from Playhouse Disney to regular Disney channel stuff. Once the older kids get out of school, the programming changes dramatically.

Although I’ve caught a few episodes of “The Jersey” which were kind of fun.