Playing alternate soundtrack in WMP or Zoom Player

I have a set of video files that MediaInfo says are encoded with two soundtracks, original English and then Italian. I can’t find how to choose which one to use in either WMP or Zoom Player.



Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve posted on the ZP official forum, but gotten no further than using MediaInfo.

I’ve never worked with multiple audio streams before, so I’m just shooting in the dark here…

I use ffdshow for my audio decoding, and it has a “Stream Switcher” option that might help in your situation. I found this post of someone using the Stream Switcher option with their Zoom player (albeit, having their own problems).

Thanks. Your clues got me searching for “stream switcher”, which led me to the Pro version, which has different options. Sheesh. Although I guess, “of COURSE the pro version has different options”. But now I have it working in English.