Windows Media player 9 Strangeness

I Have some previews of children’s cartoon videos (from the copyright-holder’s website, don’t worry), anyway, they used to play fine in WMP (and they still do in Winamp), but now that I’ve upgraded to version 9, I get an extra, completely unrelated, but the same every time) soundtrack over the top of the normal one.

Anybody else seen(heard) this?

Can you post a link to the video in question? I will look at what sort of audio/video streams are contained in it.

What version of Windows are you running? If it’s ancient, it may not be compatible with WMP version 9.

Could the other audio source be coming from another application?

Check out:
Microsoft WMP tech forum *I tried a quick search, and wasn’t very successful. You might have better luck.

The machine is running XP home; I’ll try to find a link to the videos - I’m not sure that they are still available.