Playing AVI files on Macintosh

Does anyone know of a program which will allow me to play .avi files on my Mac? A player or conversion software, either one works. I have Quicktime 5, that doesn’t work, I downloaded something (AVIDoctor, I think it was called) that let me hear the audio, but no video.

umm- as usual a Google search on some of the keywords in your OP should do the trick.

DivX is one programe for DIVX type AVIs. _
Pix Lite is claimed to be another program for AVIs though no one seems to have to got it working -perhaps it needs the right codecs . Search for them on . I think windows mediaplayer will also play avis with extra codecs, but that program crashes my mac so I can’t tell you

see also for more info
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I believe I’ve gotten AVIs to play on my Mac using the method described here.
Some relevant info here-- this is an anime fansub site page on viewing fansubs on a Mac.

Thanks everyone, and 5 time champ I’ve tried googling all sorts of combinations of the OP.

Really? I got my links by Googling “playing AVI Mac”.