Playing RDR: Undead Nightmare gives me, um, nightmares

I’ve declared my love for Red Dead Redemption here before - overall, I feel it is very close to a perfect game, up until the coda where: you have to run around as the whiny-ass son Jack Marston to complete the game.

So when Undead Nightmare came out a few months ago, I was super-excited - I get to play as John Marston again! With Zombies! But I’ve found that playing this game makes me very unsettled. I can’t play it after dark, or else I have really messed up dreams. Hell, even while I’m playing during the daytome, I get freaked out if no one else is in the room with me.

It’s not like I don’t dig zombies. I’ll watch me some zombie flicks all night with little ill effect. Maybe it’s the immersive quality of RDR - I’m being swarmed by zombies, not some character on the screen. And it’s my job to blow their heads off in graphic fashion. Plus, the sound-design of this game gives me the heebies - the otherwordly moans and screeches send shivers down my spine, and the whistling wind when you’re in the middle of nowhere can creep me the hell out.

Has anyone else had trouble playing through this game?