Pleasantville--closing theme song

I saw Pleasantville on TBS tonight. I’ve seen it before but never really paid
attention to the closing music. Of course, the credits flew by & I couldn’t read
a word. The chorus was “Nothing’s gonna change my world, nothing’s gonna
change my world” It was a slow song by a female…
anybody know who does the song?
Appreciate it!!

It’s Fiona Apple singing “Across the Universe,” which I believe was originally a Beatles song

Thank you!
Now I can go to sleep!!

Ah! The “Jackaroo Dave” song!

It’s from Let It Be. I’ll go one better than providing the words and also provide the music. :wink:

Inspired by this thread, I went looking for this song on iTunes. They didn’t have the Fiona Apple or the Beatles version for sale, but they’ve got a pretty good Rufus Wainwright cover. Pretty good song for 99 cents.

Thank you all for the information. I knew I’d heard the song before but I didn’t
know that it was the Beatles who had done it.
Thanks for the links…you guys were a great help. It was driving me nuts trying
to think of the name of the song!!

The DVD of Pleasantville has a video for the song.

That cover is one of many Beatles covers from the I Am Sam movie soundtrack. It’s a great CD. Sheryl Crow, The Wallflowers, Sarah Maclachlan, Eddy Vedder, and other notable artists–I recommend you give it a listen.