Please give me ideas for using up a 12 pound ham

I few days ago I bought a very large boneless ham because it was half price. I’ve got it chopped in sections in my freezer, and I’m looking for tasty suggestions for using it up. Recipes, ideas, anything really. I’m going to make fried rice and black bean soup, and probably tonnes of scrambled egg things, but I’m looking for as many ideas as possible.


Ham salad.

Grilled ham and cheese.

Scalloped potatoes and ham. I got a piece of ham out of the freezer today, with thoughts of making it tomorrow!

Chop some up in small pieces and use it in regular salads?

Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham,Ham…

You need to have a big-ass party. About 10 pounds of potato salad ought to balance things out. And a keg of Rolling Rock.

Ham bowling.

Ham toss.

Ham football.

Ham doorstop.

Or, you could just eat it.

For the next several weeks, make every breakfast, lunch, and dinner the way you usually do.

Just add ham.

Ham skeet shooting. Take care of it with one shot.

Fry it up in a skillet with bacon grease, combine with mayo and 2 slices of white bread. Repeat. Make me a couple while you are at it.

Humourist Erma Bombeck once described eternity as “A ten pound ham and two people.”

That is classic! Funny because it is, in fact, true, hehe. Been there every Christmas for past 10 years.

Put it on a stick in the front yard and wait for the neighbor kids.

then do with the neighbor kids whatever you’d like. I like grilled kid and cheese sandwiches.

Takea few lbs and cook the fat out the ham in a broiler pan. Take this somewhat tough & dryish browned ham and chip it into bits for seasoning soups and as a salad garnish. All the flavor & none of the fat.

Chop up a half pound and put it in a crock pot with dry beans and a bay leaf. And water, don’t forget the water. After it’s cooked for an hour, add a chopped onion, black pepper, red pepper and a little salt. Or no salt if you prefer. Cook another half hour. Server over rice with a side of greens and corn bread.

Try cooking it with asparagus in sesame oil.

  1. Pick an area of your backyard with access to the sun for roughly 6 hours a day. Spring planting is best, but you can put the ham in the ground up until late May.
  2. Dig a hole, roughly 20" deep. Make sure there is proper drainage.
  3. Place ham inside hole, and cover with fresh dirt.
  4. Add water, a small amount of ham fertilizer, and pineapple to add flavor.
  5. Water three times a week, until rooting occurs, then twice a week.
  6. Once growth starts, in roughly 3 weeks, prune back with a butcher’s boning knife.
  7. Either use a commercial weed control (I recommend Chuck’s Cold Cuts Protector), or immediately remove weeds by hand. Beware bacongrass, ribscress and pigswort.
  8. Continue to water twice a week, but add a honey-based glaze towards the end of August.
  9. Around October you must choose to either harvest the fresh ham growth, or winterize the hamplant, and repeat steps 5-9 next year. In roughly 5 years, you’ll have a fully grown ham-tree. Expect twenty to thirty 8 pound hams a year. Hams will reach maturity at different times, depending on climate and variety. Check the hams for a fine layer of glaze on the outside before picking.
  10. Enjoy!

Geez Hamlet, what are you channeling Zenster :smiley:

Yes. Yesyesyesyesyes. Make sure to throw in a few onion slices, too.

It’s a pity the ham is boneless. There’s nothing quite like a ham and bean dish. I like to use several kinds of beans for a more interesting flavor. Put some chicken stock/bullion/concentrate in the cooking water, and make sure to add celery and onions to the beans.

Barbecued ham on top of rice is good. Kind of like pepper steak, but with ham and your favorite barbecue sauce. It needs to be sweet. Saute some onions and peppers in a skillet until the onions are transparent, then added some ham cut into strips. Add the barbecue sauce and cook until you’re satisfied with it. My mom makes her own, which is basically ketchup, brown sugar, soy sauce, and some mustard. (I feel like I’m missing an ingredient. Pepper? Worcestershire sauce?) You can use a bottled sauce, though, should the spirit take you.

Ham soup is good, too. Just chuck some chopped ham, seasoning, and vegetables of your choice in a pot with however much water you feel is appropriate, and bring to a boil. Simmer until it’s as broth-y as you like and eat. Noodles are a nice addition.

Hot ham and cheese is incredibly easy. Ingredients required: hamburger buns/Kaiser rolls, ham, cheese, and butter (optional). Preheat oven to 350. Slice the ham and cheese. Cut the Kaiser rolls open, butter. Place cheese and ham in buns. Wrap in tin foil and bake in oven until cheese is melty. Serve with soup or salad.