Please go and watch my movie

About three years ago, I worked on a movie back in New Zealand. It was my first (and thus far only) feature film that I’ve worked on that has been completed.

It was really really popular in NZ, but due to the vagaries of film distribution, it hasn’t been available anywhere else yet.

However, in February, there’ll be a New Zealand Film Festival showing in New York! It’s called “2001: A New Zealand Film Odyssey” (groan) and amongst some of the more well known and older NZ movies, will be the one that I worked on.

I’m a storyboard artist, and so I had a minor, yet creative, input into the movie as it was being developed. It was great to see some of my ideas realised in the final film, and very cool to see what I drew come to life.

The movie itself is called Scarfies (pronounced “skar-fees”) and is kind of a Shallow Grave style dark comedy about University Students, set in my home town. I would be ever so happy if someone in the NY area gets a chance to see it, and tells me what they thought!

The Festival is:

2001: A New Zealand Film Odyssey
Feb 7 - 13 2001, somewhere in New York

Hope someone goes to see it! Thanky.

My daughter will be back in NYC by that time, and I will tell her about it. Will you know more information closer to the date, GuanoLad?

Possibly. I got this info from a newspaper clip, so it’s woefully low on detail.

I’ll email the Director one day soon and see what he knows.

Press Release from Lot 47 Films:

and also in one to Cajun Man, who may tell other NYC Dopers.


Yay! Thanks! I don’t mind if anyone goes to see some of the other NZ films too. In fact, there’ll be short films showing too, and if you go see one called Signing Off you’ll see my leg in a few shots. I played a stunt leg when a rat crawls up it.


Just kicked this up to the top as a reminder for anyone, if they’d like, and if they’re in NEw York, to patronise my movie :slight_smile: Ta…

Really?? you worked on scarfies?
Cool. My friend Sarah and I were about to get that out only last night, but we didn’t have enough cash so we had to get ‘waynes world’ instead. We’ll check it out soon though. I get paid on thursday :slight_smile:

Woah! It’s out on video in Australia? Heck, nobody on the crew even got a free copy of the damn thing - I haven’t seen it since it screened in a film festival 18 months ago.

Maybe it’s on sell-through. I’ll have to go look for it.

(I watched it, it was a good movie, and waited for my name to come up in the credits. And I couldn’t believe how far down the list I was! Crikey, that was disappointing)