Please help identify Sprint commercial actress

The creepy Mom who offers to help her daughter “compose a tweet”. I believe it is called “Staying Awhile.” This is driving me CRAZY!!!

I love that commercial! Don’t know who the actress is though.

The “compose a tweet” line is what makes the whole thing memorable. I’ve wondered if she was directed to deliver the line that way. It sounds like she fluffed the line and was trying to save the take.

I heart the T-Mobile girl more though. Something about how she positions her feet that stirs my blood, and I don’t have a foot (or leg) fetish.

I KNOW I have seen her before. This really just might be the end of my sanity. Please, PLEASE someone MUST know who she is!!!

If no one here knows… well if it were me, I would tweet about it. (Too bad I do not know how to compose a tweet.)

She reminds me of a younger Catherine O’Hara (was in SCTV back in the early 80s, now is a member of the ensemble who acts in Christopher Guest’s movies).

She does look a bit like Catherine O’Hara, and I do love my Christopher Guest movies.


This my not be information that is meant to be known :frowning:

I’ve searched everywhere, using all my Google Fu tricks. I can tell you the entire crew almost down to the camera equipment supplier, but no word on the cast.

Maybe contact Goodby Silverstein, the advertising company.

I’ve been to the Goodby Silverstein website, no dice. I might just have to call. I cannot believe this has been that difficult.

Mystery solved! The actress is Mary Crosbie. Now I just have to figure out where I recognized her from… she doesn’t have a large body of work…

Something about her teeth weirds me out. They’re spaced wrong, or something. I can’t look at her when she talks. Or maybe it’s how she holds her lips. Ack!

Now that this mystery is solved, can you figure out who is the big, good-looking guy on the yacht in the Kia commercial? And did we ever figure out who was that cute blonde hood in an old Verizon ad? It was a “Can you hear me now?” ad on a beach.