Please help me find a new game to play

My fiance wants to play a new game. Neither of us has any ideas though.

My favoritest online game of all time was CoH (before CoV). My second favorite was WoW before Pandaria and possibly before Cataclysm. I still like the game but I miss the old days. I’m tempted to try Legion but he did the beta and wasn’t thrilled.

I think he is tied on CoH and WoW though he is definite that WoW jumped the shark with Pandaria. He is a huge fan of XCOM but I can’t get into it and he said that XCOM 2 has left him frequently wanting to throw his computer out the window.
We both really liked the early Sims and we like Sim City and Civ 5. We both like SWTOR and he likes Star Trek online but I just can’t get into it.

We both love Diablo and Diablo 2 but Diablo 3, while good, isn’t as awesome and doesn’t hold our interest very long.

I was so-so on LOTRO and he was much less into it.

We both really like Craft the World but need something new.
We don’t like PVP. We don’t want something that requires huge guilds and lots of raiding/dungeons. In CoH we were part of a large Super Group and we loved them and did lots of end game stuff but then it started to be like a job with a reality show thrown in with drama and set meeting times and membership drives and then CoV came out and ugh. So now we want something we can do ourselves. We don’t mind paying a monthly fee if the game is worth it.

We tried Rift and couldn’t get into it. He said he was tempted to try EVE Online but would like a version without all the douchebags.
So, what do you think?

Give Borderlands a shot. I’ve found it to be very soothing methadone for the lifetime withdrawal of CoH. A lot of similar ‘feel’ to the elements even though it’s a completely different approach.

You can get Borderlands, B2 and B:TPS (which is a bit of a letdown) with all the add-ons for about $20-25 from Steam.

My MMO of choice is Guild Wars 2, which is currently free to play, although there’s a paid expansion.

Also, for coop fun, try Orcs Must Die, or the second (both are great), or Divinity: Original Sin?

Also, since you mentioned Eve Online, I’d give Elite: Dangerous a mention.

I play Borderlands 2 co-op with a very old friend (we’re both rather old), and it’s a very fun, tongue-in-cheek FPS that’s easy to pickup and play a random amount of time in.

I have Elite:Dangerous, and I think the game’s promise is appealing, but I kind of gave up after an hour or so because the mechanics and steering weren’t fun.

Torchlight 2.

So, I haven’t had to check out any of your suggestions yet (except I had already checked out Guild Wars) because I completely accidentally discovered Wildstar shortly after asking my question and I have totally fallen in love. I am having so much fun. My fiance decided to give EVE a try and he is actually enjoying it. I have watched him play and have no friggen clue what he sees in the game. He is also giving Wildstar a try and is enjoying it but I don’t think he is as smitten as I am, yet. We shall see.

Thank you for the suggestions though! This will give us something to fall back on.

Civ VI comes out in October.

Everyone I know who said WoW is dead to them thinks Legion is the best thing ever, so maybe try that?

I’ll second Legion. It’s amazing how much the community chatter has changed in the past week. It’s night and day.