Please help me ID this movie

From this “invisible movie still” right here.

The foreground figure looks like a woman in a circus acrobat’s costume, standing on a high wire. The background seems more conceptual, like the old RKO logo of the radio tower straddling much of the globe.

The only recent movie I can think of with a circus-y sequence is Big Fish, but I can’t remember a scene like this one, nor find one in the online galleries linked through the IMDB.

Anyone else have a guess?

That’s Dr. Frank N Furter at the finale of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”


That’s a link to a current trivia challenge. Earn your own prize.

As it happened another member of my team knew the answer already, so I didn’t need this thread after all.

But thanks all the same, Veuve_ClicquotNJ!

Hmm. I dunno that we have any policy about helping people try to win prizes, but I’d think that if Fiver does win, he should be obliged to share with those who helped.