Please help me identify this old Nickelodeon show/movie

I remember seeing this thing on Nickelodeon a long time ago, and for some reason or another my mind picked it out of the deepest recesses of my memory just a few minutes ago. IIRC, it involved two kids, a brother and a sister, and an old man who was their guardian. They were on the run from some people, I think, and all of them got around on these strange vehicles that resembled the boards that windsurfers use, sail and all. The girl had a heavy english accent, and I rember very clearly saying to her brother that “something big is going on.” Sorry if that’s not much to go on, but I can’t remember anything else for the life of me. Anybody have any clues?

It sounds like it might’ve been something from Nick’s now-forgotten anthology series The Third Eye.

Hmm, maybe, but I don’t think that’s it. I’m trying desparately to think of the title, and I’m coming up with nothing except maybe “Waverunners”. Even then, that doesn’t seem right. Darn.

Yes, it was from “The Third Eye”. (Scroll down the page for some brief summaries of the other featured shows.) It was called “Under the Mountain” It involved alien creatures who could turn into slugs, the twins had mental powers, and envisioned stones dropping into a pool of water to call upon them. The girl’s color was red, the boys blue. I used to watch it every Saturday on Nickelodeon. It was broken up into several segments, each of which was a series on it’s own.

It also had a storyline called “Into the Labyrinth” about several kids traveling through history to thwart an evil woman, and when they’d get into trouble they’d get in a circle holding hands, and chant “Rothgo” to summon help from their mentor. There was a storyline about a boy and his scientist father studying some standing stones, who encountered an evil sorcery who could harness the power of the circle. The stones were really people he’d turned to stone. That one was called “The Children of the Stones”. More info on that storyline here.

The Third Eye came on about the same time as “The Tomorrow People” did, either just before, or right after. All the shows AFAIK that were a part of “The Third Eye” were from the BBC, or at least the UK. So was “The Tomorrow People”. I loved both series, and hope one day to own complete sets. :smiley:

Bleh, I put the wrong link in for the second link about “The Children of the Stones”. This one actually tells you about the storyline.

…good grief! Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee! One of the first books I read as a kid, and when the TV series was shown, I remember being freaked out… and the show made it to the States! Cool!

:: has flashbacks to his childhood… shudders ::

:smack: You guys are right. I must’ve been looking in the wrong place. Man, I barely remember The Third Eye anymore. Thanks so much!

Well, my favorite Nickelodeon movie is Aunt Sallie’s Wonderful Bustle.