Help me identify this mini-series.

Hey, my 200th post.

I remember a show from my childhood ( I was born in 1979) and I’m hoping someone can tell me what it is.

It must have been very early eighties (before 85) because I don’t remember it very clearly at all.

I’m pretty sure it was a mini-series, and my brain says it featured Vincent Schiavelli, but imdb is no help and I could be very wrong on that.

I believe it involved a family that was either time travelling or stuck in some sort of Quantum Leap type force that made them go to far off lands/times and try to get home.

I’m not sure they succeeded in ever returning home.

There is one particular visual I remember of the family walking in sillhouette across a dune top with pyramids in the background at sunset.

I know this is vague… but I’ve been wondering about it for years.

Anybody remember this?

The short-lived series “Otherworld” comes to mind.

Perhaps Voyagers!@

Otherworld perhaps?

It is Otherworld!

I love you guys.

The only thing I remember about this show is a scene where the mother is in a Kafka-esque supermarket and finds a shelf of plainly-marked cans which simply say: MEAT.

She asks a stockboy, “What kind of meat is it?”
He replies, “It’s just meat, lady.”

Also, I think the son fell in love with a robot in one episode.

Is this the one where the guns were upside down (the receiver area sticks out from under the hand, not above) and they drove around in Ford concept cars?

I was trying to explain it to my friends, but nobody else had seen it, and I couldn’t remember the name.

Oh my God! Thank you guys for identifying this show! I have a very hazy memory of it but I do know I thought it was really cool. Wasn’t there a thing about the eye above the pyramid on a dollar bill?

Remember when one of the sons got thrown in jail because he removed his shirt in the back yard?

I also remember one where the same son was going to school and every one warned him to knock of his behavior or he would get ‘yellow-slipped’ (or something. He just blew it off as detention or something and when they were eating dinner, the front door was blasted open, troopers came in and grabbed the son hauling him out and the head trooper gave a ‘yellow-slip’ to the parents. He had been drafted.

Memory is fuzzy and I was young but I remember liking the show.