Which 80's sci-fi show

Every so often I’ll see something happen on TV that gives me a weird flashback to a show that was on, must have been the early 80’s. No one I know remembers this, but I’m sure there was a sci-fi show that was about some lost family who traveled around Quantom Leap style, but everwhere they went it was more like the Twilight Zone. That’s all I can remember about it, other than I thought that it was cool. I’m sure this existed, anyone remember it?

I remember it, but don’t know the name of it. Never saw an episode, but my SIL was a fan of the show and she told me about one episode where the family went to a Tupperware party, only it was called Volperware. The show aired on CBS as I recall, and would have been on sometime between 83-86. Hope that helps.

Are you sure it wasn’t Sliders? That’s was pretty similiar to Quantum Leap.

Was it The Fantastic Journey? A little earlier than you’re thinking of (1977) but otherwise seems to fit.


You could tell it was another dimension, because the Zone Troopers held their guns… upside down!!!

There was one in the eighties, the family was in another dimension/alternate reality I think. They traveled via pyramidal “pylons” I think they were called. (Like the one from the dollar bill, with the eye over it.) In one episode the two teenage children (boy and girl) became rockstars with their rendition of the Beatle’s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” which was viewed by the oppressive culture/Government as scandalous. Does that sound like the show you mean? I don’t think it even made a full season, or maybe just one. It got te axe for a stupid reason too. I liked that show. :frowning:

On really looking at the links other’s provided, I see I was talking about Otherworld and not remembering very clearly. Still was a good show…

God, I loved that show when I was a kid. Checking your link I can’t believe there were only ten episodes!

Nope. You’re thinking of Land Of The Lost, the show with sleestaks, Rosie the dinosaur, and Stink.

I have no idea what show the OP is thinking of.

I’m sure that this is the show that the OP is describing. I remember one episode in a zone where women were reading a magazine called “Available Hunk”, and Kommander Kroll’s picture ended up in it with the caption, "I’m Nuveen! I like to yell and shoot!

I asked this exact question (about this same show) shortly after I signed up here, but the thread seems to have been “archived”.

Yes! Thanks everyone, it is definitely Otherworld. Time to see if there’s any way to get ahold this show, though I’m guessing probably not

Obviously the identity of the show has been determined, but I just wanted to say that the reference to weird Tupperware in the post #2 made me think for a moment that it would turn out to be Eerie, Indiana. They had an episode in which housewives were using giant storage containers known as Foreverware to keep their children from aging.

No, I was thinking Otherworld, the very episode I described is listed on that page. (Episode 4, FTR) :slight_smile: The show I was speaking of had no dinosuars, I watched Land of the Lost as a kid too, I can discern one from the other. :wink: