Please help me name this '80s TV show.

Gunslinger and I caught the tail end of “I Love the '80s Strikes Back: 1987” just now. There was a bit on “Different Worlds,” which made me remember another tv show, whose title I thought was “Another World” but he disagrees. It’s about a little girl from another planet who comes and lives with an Earth family. She has the ability to stop time or something. I used to watch it when I was a kid, but I only remember it very vaguely; I was born in '83, so it was probably on TV at some point between '86 and '90. When we couldn’t remember the title ourselves, it raised the cry “TO THE CAFE!”

Out of this World?

The girl was half-human, half-alien… communicated with alien dad via this cube thing.

“Out of This World.” The girl’s name was Evie and she could stop time by pressing the tips of her index fingers together.

MAN did I wish I had that power. I used to actually try it, too. I think Steve Burton (he’s on some soap opera) was on that show as her boyfriend.

It also sounds like Small Wonder , except the girl was a robot, not an alien.

Was the girl from “Out of This World” older? If so, I’m probably confusing that show and “Small Wonder” in my mind, but the one Gun was thinking of (and the one I thought I meant) was definitely “Out of This World.”

IIRC, Evie fond out about her powers/Dad on her 13th birthday.


She may have been fond of her powers, but she found out about them on her birthday.

It’s easy to confuse the two shows. They both involved young girls, and they were both mind-numbingly stupid, even by TV standards.

Wasn’t Doug McClure the bumbling mayor character in it?

JThunder: it’s easy to like mind-numbingly stupid shows when you’re, like, five. Heck, I watched the “My Little Pony” cartoon, and that was pretty damn stupid too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the ID, everybody.


… or am I the only one guy who thought Alf was cute :wink: