Please help me with my job interview

The last company I worked for decided to move operations out of state (lucky me), and I ran into a guy that works for a company I used to work for the other night. The company was called Calltech, and is now called teleperformance. I used to do inbound internet connectivity support for Bell South dial up service, and I would be doing the same thing, except for ADSL this time.

I know that I need to know how to set up a wireless setup for a desktop and laptop, start to finish, and what info is needed in order to set up an email acct (i.e. incoming/outgoing mail server, POP3 info, etc). There seems to be three other questions in the interview, but I’m not sure exactly what I need to know.

I’ve reviewed articles on how ADSL works on, and I’m sure I can find one on general email setup, but I’m hoping for some general insight from you guys.

Any tutorials that you guys know of, or good sites for general info pertaining to this would help me greatly.

If I find out anymore info, I’ll make it known. This is really a stab in the dark, but it might prove to be worthwhile. Thanks in advance.

Was it something I said?

Don’t sweat it. Don’t oversell or undersell. Check out the company, and tell them you did. You should know some stuff that a “man on the street” might not, and it sounds like you already do.

Sorry I couldn’t give you any tech help, but I couldn’t let you just hang out here by yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really appreciate that. Thank you.