I need advice

Remember this?

Well I’ve recieved a job offer. From the same company. They’ve prepared a plan that would get the company back afloat, and would like me to serve as COO (as well as a few other duties) and I’m not sure what to do. I have a week to answer (although I’m currently in my office) but admit that I’m feeling a bit gun-shy. Anyone else been here? What would you do?

Well, whatever you decide, congrats on the offer. At least you know they appreciate you.

Hey, it’s much better than unemployment, and maybe they’ll turn the internet back on. And it’s always easier to get a new job if you’re not currently unemployed. I say go for it.

i’d need to know more about the situation before i could offer advice. as a dot-com refugee, my first question would be: how realistic is all this?

can your projected revenue model really support this re-structure?

what do you sell?

has the company made any dough or was it just subsisting on venture capitalist fumes?

do you have any trust in the board getting it right this time?

and lastly: will they pay you or just string you along for a while while they see if all this is gonna float?

good luck again, stuffy. nice to see you back.

Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back.

White Lightning Thanks.

Kittenblue I’m hearing that a lot.


Roughly in order.

Yes our revenue model would support the restucturing. I infact proposed the model, and had been steering our company towards it for the last two years. We offer repair services on commercial and military aircraft. The company was making money, but it had been grossly mismanaged prior to my coming here.

I had been brought in as part of a new management team. Your last question is the part that concerns me the most. It looks feasible right now, but I don’t have any guarantees in place, and it doesn’t looik like I’ll have that until next week.

Thanks for the thoughts.

It looks to me like you’re pretty well situated right now to take a gamble and roll the dice, Stuffy. If it doesn’t work out, you can always bail. And hell, how many people ever get the chance to implement their own operating plans? Autonomy can be a very satisfying.