Please help me

Uncle beer, why are you so cruel to me - you ridiculously closed my thread - why did you do that? you also chose a quote - ‘the question - well there isn’t one’ - which shows you didn’t actually read what i wrote. What I did say was ‘here’s one -what did you thin of my theory’ i think that’s a good enough question - and the message was good anough to have a multitude of responses, so mr moderator- kindly re-open the thread. dont party poop. this is definitely not a question, its a statement but this time it is your fault.

If it’s not a question, it doesn’t belong in this forum. Try over at MPSIMS for inane chatter. And if I still don’t like your topic, I’ll close it there, too. If you wish to start a debate, try the Great Debates forum. Just don’t fuck with me; that’s a very bad idea. And please pardon me for a moment while I place a lock on this thread, too.

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