Please identify this piece of New Orleans style jazz

Please identify this piece of jazz dating apparently from the early 1940s. I would especially like to know the name of the band.

I’ve recorded it from radio some years ago and have no other details.

I see you’ve had a lot of views and nobody has answered this, which leads me to conclude that my initial impression is correct: It’s not a distinctive tune, and may be just a group riffing. I listened to it at least a half a dozen times: There’s a brief quote of “Saints” at the beginning, but it’s not followed by anything I recognize. They are in the style of The Five Pennies, or maybe The Dukes of Dixieland or the Firehouse Five Plus Two. They clearly know what they’re doing, but if it’s a jazz standard it’s one that’s gotten by me. Sorry.

Thank you, Sigmagirl. I appreciate your answering.

Apparently New Orleans jazz fans don’t swarm in SD. But like you say, it’s probably not a jazz standard.

I’m having trouble placing it as well. I’d recommend contacting somebody at WWOZ-FM in New Orleans. I bet they’d be able to pinpoint it for you.

I love the track. Great stuff.

Obviously a large group. They have all the instruments. The clarinet player was world class .

My wife says it’s a version of “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”. I tend to agree with her.

My first thought was “Saints,” too, but after that, it’s pretty generic. Good recording, tho.

You might try contacting Cal State Long Beach, KKJZ, one of the few all-jazz/blues repositories.

See my post, then listen to the opening bars again. It’s a more upbeat version of “Closer Walk”, but it’s definitely the song.

Yes, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee.” Maybe by Bunk Johnson?

Or maybe the George Lewis Stompers

Thank you all for the title and suggestions. They’ll keep me busy for a few days rummaging in Youtube. I’m amazed at the number of interpretations of this beautiful gospel song.

As you probably know, this is a common tune for funerals in New Orleans. It always starts extremely slowly, but then becomes a joyous tune as the procession goes along.

I found it !

Reunion Jazz Band, a Dutch group. Recorded in Amsterdam, 1966.

Better quality:

Thanks again, Chefguy and all.