Please let us quick reply without having to click an icon

That’s what made it quick. We could just start typing.

I’d maybe understand if there were more than one “quick reply” option to choose from, but it seems there’s just the one. If we’re going to click a button, we might as well always “go advanced.”

(Except, today, just now, I had to click the quick reply button to go advanced. Hrm.)

I agree with this. What’s the point of an input field that’s frozen? Is there some easily changeable setting for this?

I realize this may be low priority, but if there’s an easy fix …


ETA: The test was whether you can reply by just typing in the box, and hitting the “Post Quick Reply” button. You can, since I just did, so I don’t see this being a real issue here.

Okay-dokay, how’s that?


By the way, the purpose of requiring an icon be clicked before using quick reply is so that when the board is viewed in threaded conversation mode, the software knows where to put all of the quick reply responses. Ideally, you want the quick replies to be listed under the post being replied to; otherwise, the threaded mode puts the replies out of order and makes it look chaotic.

But I don’t use threaded mode, so I don’t care. :wink:

Wow! Never expected such a fast change.

Like this?

Yeah, like that.

This was a quick and easy setting, and it wouldn’t have any negative effect on board performance. We can’t promise that about every request, though, which is why we tend to want to wait until Jerry’s finished his work with the board. It just worked out well this time.

Plus, The Shroud gave me a couple of sawbucks.

Yay. Thanks for fixing that because it was a little annoying previously to click on this box and have nothing happen (not quite enough for me to get off my ass and start a thread, mind).

Thanks for tweaking that, it had been annoying me too, but being British, I merely complained to my friends.

That’s much better, thanks!

That happened at the last upgrade as well, must be a default setting and the admins don’t know to change it until someone complains.


OMG sooooo happy :smiley: