Ready made reply boxes!

Well this is an unexpected addition within the last 5 minutes. Good choice.
Kudos and stuff.

Test. Yeah, I agree, but they need Preview Reply buttons.

Oh, and the field label “Thread” should probably be changed to “Post Subject”, if that’s indeed what it is.

I really like them because my Internet is slow and I hate clicking “back” all the time without the screen changing while my dimwitted computer tries to put together the previous page. Definitely less of a hassle for me.

Wow, that was fast. Now it says “Title”. Way to go! :slight_smile:

It’s probably a great thing, but I resist change and things like that are new and scary to me. I first saw the box and was thinking “great, my browser is messed up or something.” :smiley:

Hehe - I thought the exact same thing :slight_smile:

me likey to play with the Quik-Post option. too bad cecil’s hampster can’t eat any more crack without it’s heart exploding; if they turned on the self-editing option, things would be perfect.
but, you just know that ten Stream-Of-Consciousness threads will be open in MPSIMS by tomorrow. also, i can’t help but feel like we just gave Handy a horrible, horrible new weapon.

you just know that someone will abuse the power, and Tuba will take it back, just like what happened with [WhoView].

well, there’s Preview Reply. i get the feeling we’re being watched… :wink:

[sub]well? where’s self-edit? come on![/sub]

This is much better. Now I know for sure whether I’m logged in without waiting 5 minutes for the post reply hot link to load.


Now, let’s see if it works…

[sup]I thought my browser was messing up too, hence my venturing into ATMB.[/sup]

Testing the Preview Reply button…

Alright, looks good. I just hope people don’t neglect to use it.

doo bee doo bee dooooooo! Beware, the penguin!

Please see Gaudere’s comments in the ATMB Technical Issues FAQ.

It doesn’t help as far as I’m concerned, because it doesn’t have the e-mail option box.

Just gotta try this new toy.

Ooooo! So nice! Like many others, I thought my browser had screwed up as well.

What do we do for options like include sig?

it just needs the e-mail reminder and sig buttons

What a brilliant idea! Congratulations to those behind it :):slight_smile:

A very modest suggestion:

(generally I try to avoid ANY suggestions on how the unpaid admins can make this free board better for us…) … but …

Perhaps the reply box should appear only on the last page of multiple-page threads. I bet we are going to have a glut of people posting to threads before reading the end of them.

(Not that this didn’t happen a lot before. I’m just sayin’.)