Please move the Crusader Kings succession game back to the Game Room

Thread Games is for threads “in which the thread is the game.”

The CK3 thread is discussion and coordination about a multiplayer computer game. I don’t quite understand why the move is warranted.

Definitely, Thread Games is playing a game in the thread (count to a million, things that rhyme with “florp”, whatever). The game room is sports and video game discussion, and the CK3 thread is video game discussion, even if about an interactive, multiplayer playthrough.

Will do.

ETA: Done

Unacceptable, I demand more drama and fighting. Where’s MY chance to yell about mob rule and biased mods?

Thanks for the speedy response. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to do less well next time and less timely. Sorry to ruin the fun. :wink:

Moderator What_Exit of the Straight Dope Message Boards has surrendered to Leader Johnny_Bravo of the Poster Revolt.

All rebellious forums lose 75 Control.

Thread Crusader Kings 3 Succession Game gains title The Game Room.

Leader Johnny_Bravo of the Poster Revolt: Gains 75 Prestige
Allies share 20 Prestige
Increase his opinion of allies based on their contribution

Moderator What_Exit: Spends 75 Prestige
Crown Authority lowered by 1

I demand the thread be moved back to Thread Games!

Not that I have a vested interest, but I want to support Johnny_Bravo’s desire for drama.

You can blame me - I suggested the move since it just seemed to me like an active game fit more in the active game forum. But as I noted I didn’t particularly care much, it was just an idle thought.

But if it is explosive drama you want I still think I was right :smile:. Well, you know, very slightly right anyway. Still not to the point of caring much, but…

Yeah, well, he’s not the Game Room mod anymore.


Touché :grin:.