Please name my ASP application

I recently completed an internal application for my company that’s basically a data entry portal for the RSVP customer service department.

The only problem is that it doesn’t have a name beyond “RSVP Internal Application”, and that sounds like a suppository (“apply directly to the…” nevermind).

May I borrow some fine Doper creativity and help me out with a catchy name for my app. Nothing too fancy, but something that will get me noticed by the suits up front so they will have no choice but to promote me King 'o the World. Something that reminds you of baked cookies.

Thank you in advance.

Mods – if in wrong forum, please move with my apologies.

How about:

“Notice me you useless fools in suits.asp”
“really necessary application.asp”
“promotion worthy.asp”

more seriously…

“python”. It’s an ASP, a kind of snake like a python and it swallows stuff.
“monty”. A more oblique reference to the above and not, coincidently, the name of a programming language.
“cleopatra” - another asp reference
“wormhole”. It gets thing from here to there
“hermes”. Messenger to the gods, or perhaps “Mercury”.

Of course to be all trendy, you have to mix capitals throughout.

Cool acronyms are the way to go.

Like Internal RSVP Entry and Navigation Environment, IRENE

Millennium Year Application Server System?

The apple approach:

iROC - Internal RSVP Organizational Codec

ok, maybe not.

All are good. I’m liking IRENE, but am holding out for all bidders.

Thanks all. Keep 'em coming.

Respond, Bitches!

Sorry - best I can offer is I like IRENE better than any of my earlier suggestions.

I especially like that the acronym contains the abbreviation that is “RSVP”.

The only thing better would be the PINE kind of acronym, an acronym that contains itself.

PINE = Pine Is Not Elm (a text-based mail reader saying that it is different than another text based email reader and containing its own name it its acronym. How geeky is that?

While I’m glad you have been trained to respond to my calls of “Respond, Bitches” Belrix, I was giving that as a prospective name for the app :slight_smile:

See what being divorced twice will do to you? I tell my girlfriend that a benefit of dating a divorced man is that we all are like easy-spread cream cheese, we come pre-whipped.

How about:
RSVP Entry Portal System = REPS

I like it. Looks like we have a winner. IRENE was a close (*very * close) second, and I thank wolfman for that.

I asked for a name, not a migraine!

Glad to help out. :slight_smile: I hope everyone appreciates your work on this project.