Please please PLEASE help me identify this song from these lyrics!!

About five years ago, when I was a freshman in college, I heard an obscure indie rock song - sounded a little like The Weakerthans or the Red House Painters or one of those soft-spoken, sentimental type bands. This is all I can remember of the lyrics:

"(something)(something) and overcast,
trailers with fiberglass fishing boats,
all coming back from the lake…
So I caught a cheap matinee…

(something something something) pretending I don’t…
It’s not a Saturday without you"

The last part (“It’s not a Saturday without you”) was repeated a few times throughout the song and I think it was the closest thing to a chorus in the song.

I believe the song was in 3/4 time, was pretty slow, and had only very sparse acoustic instrumentals behind it. Sort of a soft poetry/ballad type song.

Does anyone have ANY idea what song this was? All Google searches for pieces of the lyrics have been totally fruitless.

I definitely remember the specific line, “trailers with fiberglass fishing boats.” But Googling that phrase, in quotes, brings up nothing. That would lead me to believe this song is pretty damn obscure.

Reading the lyrics makes me think of something the Tragically Hip would have written.

Just a guess, no idea what the song is (or if it even is the Hip)…