Please recommend a "300 projects in one!" electronics hobby kit

I know those things are probably going the way of the buffalo, but I’ve always wanted to mess around with one. What’s a good one for an adult to get started with? I’ve seen all of these newfangled Lego-style “snap circuits,” but I’d ideally like something with a breadboard or even some light soldering - I’d like to be able to transport the skills learned from it to more legitimate projects in the future. But I also just want to be able to play around with it, too.

Like everything else from our childhood, if you want it, eBay is your friend.

this, or

ETA …wrong button there. Looks like the “Science Fair” kit is the old classic with springs that I grew up with, and it’s good to see the familar things like the ferrite coil AM antenna and audio output transformer. Mine was in a wood box, but analog electronics is still analog electronics.

The Learning Lab looks like it gets you into more advanced stuff with integrated circuits. Should also be good fun.

Oh, I know where to get them - I was just wondering if anyone had a particular suggestion of one that was good, or one that was better than the others.