Please recommend a bathroom scale

I am looking for an LED reading scale that is reliable and not to expensive. I have had three. One just stopped working (I did try a new batter), the replacement last just a few months when the hair-thin wire connecting the battery to the innards just snapped. It is perhaps reparable, but beyond my abilities to work with this tiny wire. And the third, aside from being apparently a pound and a half heavy (I can live with that) is unreliable in the sense that repeated weighings can differ by as much as 2 pounds. Oh, I have a pacemaker so cannot use one of those that claims to measure fat.

A major scale in F, D or G. They were all good enough for Handel.

I’ve never had a cheap-o LED scale that didn’t differ by up to 2 pounds depending on exactly where I stepped on it and how hard it was kicked that day. A 16oz bottle of water is a pound. I don’t really see the point.

The fact that you know your scale is a pound and a half heavy is a bit disturbing. Wouldn’t coin collecting be a more enjoyable hobby? :slight_smile:

I have a 30 LCD scale from Walmart that has worked well for several years. Re the 1-3 lb weight variance thing that's going to be true for practically all bathroom scales less than 100 depending on the ambient temperature and where exactly you step on the scale.

I have a Tanita and it has lasted a long time and is very accurate. It got a lot of use, sat in a closet for years, sat in the bathroom for a year, now gets a lot of use again and is still accurate (according to the physician’s scale at my gym). And I put a lot of weight on it.

I can’t recommend a model because mine happens to be a body fat monitor too (I don’t use that feature) and is no longer made anyway. But I can vouch for the brand.

I have a Taylor glass and chrome digital scale at home that I really like. It’s $22 at Amazon right now, with a list price of $40.

Seems to me if you wear socks or slippers that won’t be an issue.