recommend a bathroom scale

I have one of the “Thinner” brand/model bathroom scales, and it is highly inaccurate… I was at a physicians office and was 8 lbs lighter on the “analog” scale with the weights/balance.

Can anyone recommend a good, relative inexpensive home bathrooms scale?

There are reviews online that give the following top marks:

Tanita HS-302
Weight Watchers scale

The Tanita, which I bought, is solar powered (or bathroom light powered), requiring no batteries. It’s a bit wide, but that makes for better balance. I don’t know what you mean by inexpensive, but this one was about $69. Some Amazon reviewers had problems with it. All professional reviewers pretty much said that scales that purport to show you body fat numbers are inaccurate, sometimes wildly so.

Thanks… I suppose I should qualify that I am looking for an analog scale, as I have not had great luck with digital…

Am thinking about the Conair TH100s

If you want accuracy, I’d recommend buying one of the balance beam-type scales, as used in doctors’ offices. On Amazon, they’re available starting at about $140. If not, perhaps you could keep a couple of buckets around, with marks to indicate how many gallons of water are in them, so you can calibrate your own scale.

We just threw out a Conair digital. I’d check to see if there are any consumer reviews before buying any product. Amazon has reviews for the one you’re looking at: you might want to check the 1-star comments.

I have a Taylor (lithium) that operates flawlessly, has large numbers, and runs on one of those ubiquitous CR2032 cells for almost forever.

Mine has a half pound gradation. I would prefer tenths. I always weigh twice to get the same number. Your weight shifts a bit as you stand so any scale fluctuates some. Weigh yourself every day under the same conditions and record it. Average the weight for at least three days for a more accurate sense of where you are going.