Please recommend a good hand/body lotion


I used Lubriderm unscented for about 12 years, but lately the lotion just smells different to me…musty somehow. I don’t know if they’ve changed their formula, or if my nose is just smelling things differently. I have sensitive skin, so I have to use products that are unscented and dye-free if at all possible.

I’m looking for a lotion that absorbs easily and quickly, isn’t waxy-feeling or leave any other type of residue, and won’t clog my pores. And doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I’ve been using St. Ives, but it isn’t working well- my elbows are starting to get a little chapped.

Thanks in advance!

Curel would be my recommendation, and you can get it in non-scented. It’s not oily, doesn’t leave a residue and is absorbed quickly. Unfortunately, it can be expensive but is worth the cost.

See if you can find Nutriderm, made by the same company. I find it at Target. The difference is that Lubriderm contains Lanolin, which dries out the oil in your pores.
Below is the 800 number on the back of my bottle. Hope I’m not breaking any board rules by posting it. Good luck.

Nutriderm by HealthPoint

Jergens Ultra Healing… but it might feel oily to you (Curel and Lubriderm both feel like chalk to me, so…)

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make a list right now.

Eucerine. I think that’s how it’s spelled. I have horrible problems with dry skin on my legs & feet, and at my doctor’s recomendation, I tried this stuff. It rocks - it’s waaaay better than anything else I’ve tried. It’s a little pricey - like $11 or $13 for a bottle - but it’s well worth it.

I’ve used Jergen’s Ultra Healing as a body lotion for a long time. I use Eucerin on my hands. I’m an RN, so I wash my hands A LOT at work, my hands and knuckles get so dry they crack and bleed. Eucerin is the ONLY thing I’ve found that works…it feels so good, it’s easy to rub in, and it doesn’t burn like a lot of other lotions. I also use it on my feet.

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I used Eucerin when I lived in Chicago and routinely developed cracked skin on my hands and elbows. Now that I live in a more mild climate, I just use Aveeno, because I like the oatmeal-y smell. But yes, I second what everyone else has said so far about Eucerin, “the miracle lotion”.


It’s pretty basic, but it won’t wash off and doesn’t smell strong.

At the H2O store they have a body lotion called “Milk” - it is wonderful! So smooth and creamy with a hint of scent, very light and clean. It’s about $12/bottle. It’s the best lotion I’ve ever used, and your skin will be noticeably smoother!

I also recommend Curel. Last year I switched to their Extreme Care version. It has a slight orangy smell but that wears off very quickly.

I like Freeman’s lotions and soaps. Only $3, they smell all natural (their lemon mint lotion is great) and they work. Also no animal testing.

I’ve wondered if Eucerin is any good. I’ll have to go to the store with my list and pick one out. Thanks, all!

Oooo, I just tried some of the lotions from Burt’s Bees. They have one called Carrot Nutritive Hand and Body Lotion that smells WONDERFUL and is made of all natural ingredients. Bees wax, natural extracts and such.

Here is a link to their web site:

There is all kinds of neat great smelling stuff on there. All their products are made from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.


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(Actually, that clear vitamin-E stuff is pretty good for dry skin.)