Please refrain from putting your feet in the poo.

That is all I ask.

But it feels neat when is squishs between your toes.

What is this? Some kind of weird sexual fetish?

If so, ewwww.

I know what you mean. I hate it when I have a nice, neat, steaming pile of poo and some dolt goes and puts their feet all over it. And I work so hard to keep a nice house.

Some folks just like to pee on other folks poo.:stuck_out_tongue:

Or some moms don’t like to clean up the mess when their kids step in cow patties.
And don’t get me started on the smell.

This is why Aaron gets stripped below the waist. Completely. It’s easier to undress him, change him, and put his clothes back on than it is to pull his pants down to his knees, change him, and let him get poo all over his clothes, necessitating a change of clothes anyway.


MsRobyn you understand my pain. Yesterday I forgot to take off Anne-Marie’s socks :smack: Feet are so much easier to clean than footwear.

I trust Aaron is not your husband? I mean, “love, honor and obey,” yeah, but . . .

Ah, the strange things that come out of parents’ mouths…

Eve, Aaron is Baby Doors. Airman Doors is Dave. Airman came fully potty trained.


I too feel your pain.

Tiniest minon of Sauron tries to roll over whenever I am changing his diapers or lift his feet up then slam them down into the diaper.

Ya know, it’s threads like these that make me really re-think the whole lets-have-a-baby thing. I’m only in my 5th month, is it too late to change my mind? :slight_smile:


I am not yet a parent. If it’s all the same, I would prefer to continue pooing from my butt. Thanks.

Feet in the poo=bad.
Hands in the poo=worse. Much worse.

Trust me, poo’s the least of it. Try a bad case of stomach flu Christmas weekend in Pittsburgh when everyone in the house has it. Aaron threw up four times in one night and started pooping purple because we could only feed him Pedialyte to rest his tummy. Do you have any idea how disturbing it is to check his diaper and see a bunch of purple stuff in there? :eek:


Wise words there lorene I shall take them to heart.

In the meantime I must struggle through another 9-5 day of work after being woken at 2am by an unhappy teething baby. But at least there was no poo (or vomit). :slight_smile:

One word: Whiskey. On a cotton ball, rubbed over her gums. Worked like a charm for Aaron, at least till the baby ibuprofen kicked in.


I’ve got some stuff called bonjella which works to numb the gums until the baby panadol (similar to ibuprofen) kicks in. It was just this morning she got herself really worked up and took forever to settle, by which time I was wide awake.

I’d try the whisky as suggested MsRobyn but neither Leechboy or I drink so the closest I have is cooking sherry shudder.

Don’t you just love diapers - they are like unwrapping very scary presents. Thank-god I’ve never had a purple one. :eek:

How many parents saw the thread title and didn’t instantly know what it meant? :smiley:

Boy howdy do I not miss them days. It’s finally possibly to once again leave the house for periods of more than an hour, without thirty pounds of baby tackle.

Of course, now we’re hitting the stage where every bathroom is an object of curiosity. All must be investigated in the quest for the perfect potty.

[sub]And I don’t miss teething either, but dealing with cranky is slightly more palatable than dealing with stinky and messy.[/sub]