Please risk the wrath of the Dutch Cooking Gods and share your Stroopwafel recipe with me

My reddit secret santa sent me Stroopwafels which just reminded me how unbelievably perfect they are. I want more. I NEED more. I want to share the glory of the stroopwafel with all my family and friends and coworkers. I bought some online but they’re not as good as the ones in my gift. No matter how long I rest them on my tea cup, they just don’t soften at all.

I got myself a pizzelle iron. I can find plenty of recipes online but I don’t know if they’re authentic or not. One of them called for store brand pancake syrup. I don’t even use store brand pancake syrup on frozen waffles. I could make a couple of the recipes to see which one I like best but I realized I could also ask for your favorite recipe because who knows more than the Dopers?

Pretty please? :smiley:

As in imitation maple-flavored corn syrup? I wouldn’t expect that to work very well. I’ve never tried making my own stroopwafels, but I’ve been poking around the interwebs. It seems the Dutch have something they call keukenstroop (literally “kitchen syrup”), which is what they put on pancakes. As far as I can tell it seems to be similar to Lyle’s Golden Syrup but darker. Perhaps a mixture of Golden Syrup with Lyle’s Black Treacle or Molasses would work. You can buy Golden Syrup at larger grocery stores, often in the international aisle (it’s a British product). Good luck finding keukenstroop over here though.

I meant to add that if you’re not familiar with Golden Syrup, it has a very pleasant toffee or caramel flavor that you don’t get with the syrups normally sold in American stores. Its flavor is nothing like honey, molasses, maple syrup (real or imitation), or corn syrup (light or dark). dutch)

if you need help tranlating please report back.

bibliophage I got the impression it was something like a generic Mrs. Butterworth’s. What you described does sound more likely since I’ve never tasted a fake maple flavored stroopwafel.

The Librarian if you could translate, I’d be incredibly grateful!

Ooo ooh oooh I GOT THIS. :slight_smile:

Wafel Waffle
500 gr bloem 500 grams flour
250 gr boter, gesmolten * 250 grams butter, smelted, I mean melted*
150 gr witte basterdsuiker of kristalsuiker 150 grams white bastardsugar or crystalsugar, um that’s white brown sugar (?) or granulated sugar
2 zakjes (van elk 7 gr) gedroogde gist 2 packets (of each 7 grams) dry yeast
60 ml lauwe melk 60 ml lukewarm milk
1 ei 1 egg

Vulling Filling
250 ml stroop 250 ml syrup
200 gr bruine basterdsuiker 200 gr brown brown sugar (?)
50 gr (room)boter 50 gr butter
1 theelepel kaneelpoeder * 1 tsp ground cinnamon*

Bereidingswijze Preparation instructions
Voorbereiding: 15min › Bereiding: 20min › Extra tijd: 45min rijzen › Klaar in:1uur20min *Pre-prep: 15 min, Preparation: 20 min, Extra time: 45min rising, Ready in: 1 hr 20 min *

  1. Meng in een grote kom de bloem, gesmolten boter, suiker, gist, melk en ei. Kneed tot een glad, soepel deeg. Leg het deeg neer en laat 45 minuten rijzen.

Mingle in a big bowl the flour, melted butter, sugar, yeast, milk and egg. Knead to a smooth, supple dough. Set the dough down and let it rise 45 minutes.

  1. Om de vulling te maken verhit je de stroop, bruine basterdsuiker, boter en kaneel in een steelpan op middelhoog vuur. Roer goed door en zet apart.

*For to make the filling beat the syrup, brown brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in a saucepan on medium heat. Stir well and set aside. *

  1. Verwarm een wafelijzer voor. Kneed het deeg nog even door en verdeel het dan in balletjes ter grootte van een pingpongbal (ongeveer 4 cm in doorsnee), ook afhankelijk van de grootte van je wafelijzer. Druk een balletje in het wafelijzer en bak de wafels tussen het ijzer, tot er geen stoom meer ontsnapt en de wafel goudbruin is.

Preheat a waffle iron. Knead the dough down and separate it into little balls the size of a pingpongball (I love how Dutch just blithely compounds the words :)) (about 4 cm in diameter), depending on the size of your waffleiron. Set a little ball in the waffleiron and bake between the irons (? as in, close it?) until no more steam escapes and the waffle goldenbrown is.

  1. Haal de wafel voorzichtig met een spatel of mes uit het ijzer en snijd de wafel horizontaal open zolang het nog warm is. Wacht niet te lang, want dan zullen ze breken. Verspreid wat van het stroopmengsel op een van de helften en druk de andere helft er weer tegenaan. Herhaal met de andere wafels.

Haul the waffle carefully with a spatula or spoon out of the iron and cut the waffle horizontally open while it’s still warm. Don’t wait too long for it shall break. Spread some of the syrup mix on one of the halves and put the other half back on. Repeat with the other waffles.

Tip: Tip:

Ik heb een ronde koeksteker van 11 cm doorsnee gebruikt om de wafels na het bakken netjes uit te steken.

I have used a round cookie cutter of 11 cm diameter on the waffles after the baking neatly to cut out because that kind of neatness-obsessiveness is what Dutch people do.


Kimstu (proud former temporary resident of Utrecht)
P.S. I think I’ve figured out that “witte basterdsuiker” is light brown sugar and “bruine basterdsuiker” is dark brown sugar.