Please share your Sims life stories with me.

I’ll share mine first:
My favorite Sim went and got herself pregnant again. I swear I did not tell them to try for a baby. Especially since the nanny was a thiiving biotch who stole regularly from the family. . . anyway, I started a new family-- the Nocheats.

As the name implies, I’ve played this family with no cheats. Sara tried to get a job in the medical field, which fits right in with her Knowledge aspirations. Only she got fired-- twice. And then she got demoted. So she said “Fuck this corporate ladder shit. I’m having a baby.” And that’s exactly what she did.

Josh, her fine looking husband, fell into his corporate job because they needed the money. He grew to love his job. He also grew fat. He’s no longer such a fine looking man. But still, when he slips into bed after a hard day’s work, Sara wakes up just enough to spoon him from behind and sigh contentedly.

Their son Alton (Sara is a great cook, level 9 and she named her son after that guy on the Yummy Channel) likes cash money. He also likes to study and wanted a job so badly he got one the second he was no longer in elementary school. He also wants to go to private school but they live in such a cheap-ass house the headmaster keeps telling them that they wouldn’t allow their kind at the school. Snooty bastard.
So, like I said, no cheats. But they couple have been drinking from the green water cooler regularly. Yet. . . Sara’s hair is all grey and Josh is getting kind of creaky and. . .

I’m feeling emotionally upset because my Sims are getting old. They’ll be old people soon. I don’t want them to get old and die! I swear I’ll cry real tears when they do!

When the headmaster does that, as soon as he leaves, run over and select “Call Headmaster” again. Another (different) one should come over that night, and he doesn’t seem to be as picky.

I’ll share my Sim story as soon as I get home from work.

My own Sim family is not too exciting yet but I figured that people who are interested in this thread might get a kick out of this story :slight_smile:

How ‘no cheat’ is ‘no cheat’? Would it extend to renting an attractive item for the day to impress the headmaster?

My headmaster’s haven’t rejected the house on first sight even when it was dead basic, provided any garden plants were well maintained - the room score for the outdoors is important for first appearances.

My Sims have been known to purchase an attractive painting or item and hurriedly move it from room to room during the house tour. (Place item, show room, pause game + move item, show room…)

I consider that to be within the realm of non-cheating, since it’s about rented decor (or maybe ‘borrowed’, since I sell it after) but I’d be the first to admit I have rather lenient interpretations of ‘cheat-free’.

BTW, I love that Something Awful article! :smiley:

Oh, replies! I didn’t know. Good thing I do periodic vanity searches.
Well, Alton is in college now. His brother, Masaharu will benefit from the tips Bitey.
I can’t be the only doper who makes up life stories for their sims, can I?

Anne Boleyn and Henry Tudor met at the grocery store and, after much coaxing, fell in love. They moved into Anne’s house, which was very cheaply and meanly furnished. After a while, they came into a sudden windfall of money (cheat code)and were able to build the home of their dreams. Their wedding was somewhat of a dissapointment, because all of their guests were having too much fun playing pool to watch them wed.

They badly neglected their baby, Elizabeth, for her first few months, due to job pressures, so her toddler years were not as productive as they could have been if she’d spent more time with her toys and less yowling in her crib.

Elizabeth made up for most of it in her childhood years. Though occasionally she would ignore the schoolbus in favor of the piano, she had enough skill points by the time she reached teenager to get a couple of good scholarships for college.

Anne and Henry were very proud that Elizabeth made the Dean’s List every semester and that she graduated with a 4.0.

Elizabeth moved right into her own home with her girlfriend Vega. Unfortunately, even with as much WooHooing that was going on, Vega could not impregnate her, so Elizabeth seduced the housekeeper. Vega caught them in the sack together, and now she and Elizabeth do not speak.

It didn’t work out with Elizabeth and the housekeeper. His ambitions were too different from hers. There was an amicable breakup when he moved out.

Now, it appears Elizabeth has found the man of her dreams in her new neighbor, Walter Raleigh. I have high hopes for them, though he seems reluctant.

I have many stories that I could share. I tend to rotate families when I get bored with one.

Currently I’m toying with the Tyler and Thomas households. The goal is to create the most messed-up family tree I possibly can. I first created Carter, Jocelyn, and Rachel Thomas in what I intended to be a no-cheat household. It went well until Carter (a romance/slut sim) got both Rachel and Jocelyn pregnant. I decided something had to be done and built them a big, new house.

Jocelyn got fed up and moved out, leaving her daughter, Miranda, to live with her father and step-mother. Jocelyn then married Robert Michaels, the lone surviving member of my very first Sims 2 family. (They were unfortunate victims of the Jump Bug.) Robert and Jocelyn proceeded to have twins, Amy and Allison.

Carter and Rachel got engaged, but didn’t get married quite yet. They had three children, Micah, Meredith, and Matthew, in addition to raising young Miranda. Carter is now an elder, and Rachel has a few days left. Since I saw her baby-making days coming to an end and the family tree wasn’t quite screwed up enough yet, I decided to let her have a fling with Robert and she got pregnant with his child. Rachel just gave birth to Macy, who was conceived in the Strangetown clothing store dressing room. I finally had Carter and Rachel get married when she was pregnant with Robert’s kid.

Meanwhile, I sent Allison, Amy, Miranda, Micah, Meredith, and Matthew to college. Also in college are the Tyler brothers, Adam, Jason, and Tom. I originally created them to be boyfriend prospects for Robert Michaels’ sisters, Og rest their souls. Amy and Micah began dating in high school, and are now engaged. Allison is engaged to Adam Tyler. Tom Tyler got engaged to Miranda. She finished college, got pregnant, and they had twins, Elizabeth and Eleanor. Tom then fell in love with another college girl, Carla McSomethingorother. I had her move in, but got sick of having four kids in college and had her drop out. She had a baby boy, Thomas. Tom and Carla just got married last night. I think someday Thomas and Macy will have to have at least one child together. It would add nicely to the family tree, I think.

My main Sims family is the Yamamoto family. I’m not sure if this is a real Japanese name. I just pick names I think sound good. Papa-san Akira works in the medical field, while mama-san Keiko was a home maker. The kids, Sakura and Shu, are both grown and moved out of the house, though, so Keiko has joined the military to help pass the time. Both Akira and Keiko are in their elderly years and rapidly approaching death. (Sims’ life-span is partly determined by how successful they were in meeting their goals and aspirations, but since the Yamamotos are one of my early families from when I was learning the game, they weren’t terribly successful in life.) I had turned aging off and got them the elixir of life, but I’ve decided to let nature take its course.

Sakura is the older child, and she married a handsome young man named Cort Anderson. She’s following in her father’s footsteps pursuing a career in science. Cort is a businessman. They have a young daughter named Rin who just recently started school. Hopefully Rin-chan will follow in her mother’s footsteps and get into private school. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I just farted around too long getting them started with a family, or if she’s inherited her parents’ curse of having a short life, but Sakura is already an elderly lady. In fact, that’s part of the reason I decided to kill off her parents. It doesn’t seem right that she should be as old as them.

Shu is still a young man, and a bit of a playboy at that. When he was a teenager, he was courting the lovely but troubled Lilith Pleasant (who has a twin named Angela). When he matured to adulthood, though, his relationship with the teenaged Lilith came to a screeching halt, so I had to invest a little time and energy into her family so she could also grow up. Being twins, the two girls grew up together and promptly moved out of their parents’ home. Which is just as well, as it became decidedly unPleasant living there after Mother Pleasant caught Father Pleasant in a lip-lock with their curvaceous maid. Lilith and Angela currently share a little bungalow where they bicker and receive gentlemen callers. Lilith hopes to settle down with Shu, but his aspiration is to get it on with as many girls as possible, so we’ll see what happens there. After all the work it took to get Lilith grown up halfway decently with all that familial strife around her, I think it’ll be a lock. But we’ll see. Fate (and I) can be capricious.

In the meantime, there’s the Yuppie-Scum family, which I have striven to make my most successful family. Mitchell and Baily Yuppie-Scum are both at the tops of their fields. They are the proud parents of three over-achiever boys, Krystoffyr and twins Skyler and Tyler. Krystoffyr interned in the science field while attending private school. He recently achieved adulthood and moved out. The twins are both teenagers now and in private school themselves. So I think I have some potential suitors in line for Angela Pleasant and Rin Anderson when everyone catches up in age.

I don’t like to play much with the characters created by the game. Most of them get evicted. But I keep some of them around because my own characters need friends, lots of friends, to advance their careers. And, as with the Pleasant girls, they can occasionally be groomed to be suitable partners for my own Sims. But, boy, am I sick of Nina Caliente. She can’t visit anyone without running to the bathroom and vomiting two or three times. Is she pregnant? Or is she the one that started the flu epidemic that holds the whole community in its grasp?? Either way I wish she’d just stay home.

Wow, these are really elaborate. I have to say I’m impressed. My Sims just tend to catch on fire, lose their kids to social services, and pee on themselves. I also find it amusing that they can’t climb out of the pool if I remove the ladder and end up drowning. Ok, I should really stick to playing first person shooters…

I’ve only just started with the Sims. I’ve gotten a nice male-femakle couple to fall in love, marry and live happily together. She got pregant (a pregnancy disrupted by the kitchen catching fire, but everyone survived that), and the baby became a toddler. But the first day the baby was a toddler, she brought someone home from work (Dad is the stay-at-home parent), and this guy just picked up the toddler and walked off with it.

Now I’m trying to work out how to get their child back, but the parents don’t seem to have noticed that their first-born (and only) child has gone missing.

I just read the SomethingAwful link and found it… inspirational! Methinks Nina Calienta has befouled her last toilet! Mwahahaha!

I’ve read about this bug. There is a patch for it on the Maxis site, I believe. Don’t ask me how to get it, though.
Perhaps you just hire bodyguards so that nobody kidnaps your baby.

My sims, Esther and David, are based on Harborwolf and myself, and I spent WAY too much time creating them so that they look eerily like us.

Anyway, Esther and David married and moved into a nice, small, blue ranch house in Strangetown. Some of their neighbors were kind of a nuisance, so they were promptly deleted, never to be seen again. Esther and David had a daughter named Sage who was so cute that they decided to just keep having babies. David had a well-paying job in sports, so they were comfortable. Soon after Sage became a child, baby girl Elspeth was born. It seemed that all was well with Sage, but getting her into a private school was impossible! One night, the headmaster came over for dinner, and due to some unforeseen problem, was stuck on the front lawn all night. He rejected Sage as the morning sun rose. Sage grew up into an adult a few days later, and went temporarily insane from not meeting her goals. She moved out the day she became an adult and married Roland Gunslinger from across town.

Elspeth had an easier childhood than Sage. She got into private school as a child with no problem- probably due to the fact that the family had acquired a very nice art collection, and Esther learned to make lobster thermador. When Elspeth became a teenager, baby girl Ivy was born. Soon after, Elspeth went away to college with a scholarship for her good grades.

Ivy grew up without incident. She was a good student who got scholarships and went to college as soon as she became a teenager. She lives in the same dorm as her sister, Elspeth.

Esther and David were getting a bit older at this point, but they decided to try and have a change of life baby. Success! They had twin boys named Dominic and Alexander. They hired a nanny, Sophie, to help with the kids so they could both go to work, but her treatment of the children caused Esther to dismiss her very quickly. Sophie put the babies in their high chairs when they were falling asleep, and didn’t assist at all with potty training. One time, she ignored little Alexander, and he peed his pants, then fell asleep on the bathroom floor. Perhaps Sophie is a bit old for childcare.

Esther and David just passed into the elderly stage, mere days after Alexander and Dominic passed into childhood. Hopefully they’ll be okay as elderly parents.

Runcible Quince, a nice redhaired family sim met, fell in love and married Slice EnDice, part of the criminal element. Slice seems to be fond of buying things and is very playful and active. Her favorite toy is the bathtub. She became a criminal mastermind, her life goal, while poppong out child after child. We now have Pussycat, Spoon, Owl, Bong, and Honey. They all live in a pea-green house.

Honey is a baby and Pussycat and Spoon are in college. Both earned eight thousand simoleans in scholarships. They are highly skilled, eight skill points, at least, in all areas. They get straight As and play in a band at the Campus Lounge earning a thousand a gig. They are very active knowlege sims who love to swim.

Also at the house is Exeter Lister, Dave and Christy Lister’s son. He is also highly skilled, but a bigger slob I have not seen.

Meanwhile, Slice has decided to take a break from her life of crime, work on her skills and become a doctor. She has all those vacation days to burn! She fired th Nanny who insulted her. She seems to like playing with Honey more than the other kids, tsk, tsk choosing favorites.

Runcible meanwhile parlayed his love of cooking to big bucks as a Spork marketer. He is thinking of naming his next child Spork. Either that or Piggy-Wig.

Biggirl is correct. There is a patch that should fix that. I don’t know if it will bring your Sims’ baby back, but it should prevent it from happening again. It’s right on the Sims 2 homepage, where it says “update your game.”

I will warn you, some people claim to have had problems with the patch. I personally have had no problems with it. It did do away with many problems that I had been having with the game before I downloaded it, namely the dreaded “jump bug.” There’s a list of things the patch fixes, including, “Visitors will no longer kidnap a baby or toddler by leaving the lot while carrying them” if you click on “update your game.”

Good luck, and happy simming!

I love these stories! If only I were half so creative. I guess there’s a small story in the massive plastic surgery love affair between Brandi Broke and Goopy GilsCarbo. I’ll have to get around to putting it in an entertaining form though.

I found a cheat that allows for twins (though I have not tested it). Every time I have a child or adopt a child (free mode - I’ve never played the story lines) it is a girl :smack:. When I search for info online I see people complaining that every time they have a boy. It must be a factor preset in the game so there must be a designer cheat set where you can set baby to be boy or girl.

:frowning: One day I will get Sims 2 but I have been told that it did not have as many clothing and building options. I’m a house building nut so I doubt I’ll like Sims 2. Can you have babies in Sims 2 and does it have the same problem?

Is there anyone who has played Sims Life Stories in free mode and had both boy and girl babies? If you have twins are they identical? Most of all, please tell me how to have a boy instead of a girl???


My 12 year old has a lesbian three-way going in her Sims and she and her sister routinely kill off their family members so they can come back as ghosts.


Should I be worried?

Try for Sims 3 instead. EA recently released a Design Tool so users can create their own wallpaper, dress patters, upholstery, etc.

Sims 3 also has a way to influence number of and gender of babies without cheating. Pregnant sim: [ul]eats three apples = boy.[]eats three watermelons = girl.[]listens to children’s music or watches children’s TV = increased chance for multiples.[*]is in the same room with both children’s music and children’s TV = greatly increased chance for multiples.[/ul]