Please, someone, tell Sky TV who Fred Phelps is

He’s not credible, he’s a loon, and he’s not taken seriously as anything other than a hatemonger

He’s so far out of the mainstream that other Christians come out to counterpicket his filth. He’s regarded as a crazy kook, on par with Jack Chick. Do not, do not, DO NOT hold him up as a standard for other Christian ministers.

They are probably doing it on purpose to discredit the not as extreme, but still extreme Christian ministers.

He is a nut job that most of the US & UK have not heard of.

It’s a good thing they ‘filmed secretly’. I’m sure that had he known the media was there he’d have S right TFU. :rolleyes:

That’s not the sense I got from the article. I think they consider him a “legitimate” representative of Christianity.

I’ll go with the opening paragraph.

IMHO: They understand perfectly well he is a loon.
They are probably hoping members of their readership do not realize it.
I don’t think the Brit press or any vaguely liberal press thinks even Pat Robertson is sane either and I think they would enjoy a chance to let “one of there own” paint all the fundamentalist as wackjobs.

Fred Phelps is so completely irrational sounding to most people that it is easier to use him than Falwell who sounds rational most of the time.

Trust me, no sane person anywhere who has read two paragraphs on this man considers him representative of anything but his own cult of hate.

Sky is just looking for stories that will sell. This will do just fine.

Uhm, whats the deal with the Semper Fi Fags poster board? Always faithful fags, whats that supposed to mean? I can’t believe someone so uptight about morality would give a kid a poster with simulated anal sex on it.