Please STOP suggesting threads for me to look into

I don’t like it when Facebook does it, and NOT having it done to me is one of the things I love about the Dope.

I like it and would rather it not be removed. Reminds me of the old Threadspotting lists.

Seconded on the remove request.

Then perhaps it could be made optional for posters who DON’T want it. Like avatars.

Or, ya know, don’t follow any of the links if you don’t want to :slight_smile:

Heh, I actually didn’t notice that was a thing until this thread pointed out that it existed. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m doing that. I’d just as soon not have it cluttering up the page in the first place, tyvm; hence my request to be able to opt out of it.*

*[size=1]well, technically the request was for people who like it to have to opt INTO it, but I’m trying to be accommodating.[/size]


I get what you’re saying. But the knee jerk response of getting rid of all features that weren’t around in 1999 is going to kill this site, much more surely than the move to a new software itself.

Only way is the <big> and <small> tags.

Forcing me to accept them might kill it faster. And it’s not like I’m insisting on getting rid of ALL of them. F’rinstance, I just found a way to make a thread that doesn’t interest me NOT EVEN SHOW UP in the front page of the forum. THAT one I could grow to like. :wink:


Other test

Thanks. Can I make it bigger than just big or are we limited to just three sizes?

on edit: fu-u-u-u-c-c-c-k-k-k.

What theme are you using? As I said, the one I’ve got puts that list on the bottom of the screen, below the various notification buttons, so I didn’t even realize it existed until you mentioned it.


Not all of it is accurate–lots of things have been recently turned off–but it might help.

ETA: fixed link

I honestly don’t even know how to find out.

And I already have them at the bottom of the thread. What I WANT at the bottom of the thread is a button that takes me back to the front page of the forum.

Oh, Lordy, no wonder you’re having a bad time. Messing with preferences is vital.

Tap on the orange K in (should be, IIRC) the upper right, then your username.

They’ve already turned off likes, inline images, and anything else that makes Discourse pop.

That’s the big SD button at top-left.

I believe he’s asking about returning to all the threads in the current forum, not all the forums directory.

For that, it’s the “forum name” to the right of the Big SD, just below the current thread title.

It appears that they’ve also turned off all of the features that made vBB feel like home. :frowning:

And WHY aren’t my smilies showing up?

if you scroll a tiny bit past the suggested threads you will find a forum jump breakdown that takes you to any given forum.