Please tell me what you thing about my expos (It's about Spongebob)

This next school year, I will be doing an expos on Spongebob Squarepants. An expos in an event during speech tournament where the presentor takes a subject, and tries to teach the audience about it using props. I try to make my speeches as memorable, and different as possible. Please tell me what you think. Thank you.

Spongebob Squarepants: Nirvana at Last

In many religions, the whole point of existance is to find a state of inner peace, a type of nirvana if you will. Many have searched in vain for this elusive state; many say that this state of mind does not exist. And yet, we have found this state. Found in a show a children's show known only as Spongebob Squarepants. Yes my friends, this seemingly children's television show shows us how to live life to the fullest and remain forever happy, by comparing the truly happy character with his neighbors that have specific flaws which hinder themselves to receive that sought after state of happiness. I now bring you Spongebob Squarepants: Nirvana at Last.
Patrick Starr is Spongebob's best friend. Patrick is animated proof to the old cliche, "Ignorance is Bliss." But is he truely blissful? In numerous episodes, we witness Patrick switch from his carefree persona, to an enraged maniac who wishes to destroy everything in his path. He is so ignorant of the outside world that he is often threatend and angry at things he doesn not understand. Even the simplest tasks bring him to the point of mental breakdown, where he sees no way out of his predicament but to use his vastly superior strength to physically destroy the thing that is vexing him and to over compensate for his lack of mental stability. Yet Patrick, mentally inept as he may be, is on the same plane of unhappiness as his neighbor, Squidward.
Squidward is the polar opposite of Patrick. Unlike Patrick, who is a blubbering buffoon, Squidward is a cultured, sophisticated person who attempts to enlighten the town of Bikini Bottom. But therein lies his dilemma. Squidward knows how cold and unfeeling the world can be, and yet he continues to try, in vein, to acheive his dreams of fame and prestige, only to once again be rejected by the world, who in his mind, isn't sophisticated and cultured enought to be grateful for his "talents." Though he tries, and fails, repeatedly, he knows he will be forever doomed to work in the world of fast-food servitude, and not his dream job, until he will mercifully shed off his mortal coil. Squidward can never be happy because he knows he can't. He has lost the innocence of a child long ago.
 Sandy, is a squirrel living at the bottom of the ocean in a dome made of polyurethane. She'd be normal enough, if it wasn't for the simple fact that, she is a squirrel living at the bottom of the ocean in a dome made of polyurethane. She is also a risk taker. She habitually leaps before she looks. In one's life, one must know when to take risks and when to think things through. She does not do the latter. She neither cares for the well-being of herself or her friends. All she cares about is achieving the adrenaline rush. She loves the feeling of exhilaration that satisfies her for a brief moment, then leaves her feeling spent and used, causing her to try even more dangerouse stunts in order to achieve her previous high and the feeling of actually doing something in her life, which entails her to forgo common sense and the safety of those associated with her for her own selfish needs. No my friends, she is not happy, nor is she content. She is stuck risking her life everday in order to compensate for her lack of personality and originality. She lacks the ability to plan for the future.
Mr. Krabs is a product of today's "money is life" society. You see Mr. Krabs content when he has money in his hands, but he instinctively want more. His pulse quickens and his brow begins to sweat when the thought of obtaining more is brought up. His greed enables him to be thrifty with his money, but he is unable to form bonds with his family and "friends" for the simple fact that, according to him and every other greed stricken person, they are all his enemies who want to do nother but rob him of every penny he has. He is condemned to live a life of paranoia and will do whatever it takes to protect his assets. He won't even part with a few dollars to buy his daughter a pair of slippers for her birthday. This shows that his daughter's happiness comes second to money. Everything in his life comes second to money. One cannot be truly happy when constantly worried about money. One mustn't be a slave to currency.
Mr. Krabs' daughter, Pearl, is a socialite. She cares about nothing except for her popularity. She strives to be "normal." Throughout the course of her life, she feels that normalcy must be achieved through popularity, or some sort of overall social acceptance. However, she feels this need for acceptance to such an extent that it interferes with everyday life, and she will develope an ego so annoying that people will no longer want to associate themselves with such a shallow loser. Popularity is so important to her that she nearly wrecks her father's business in order to have more time to spend at the mall. One day, Pearl may find that she is the most popular person in Bikini Bottom, but she will be a shell of a person, or she may find out, that during her efforts to achieve the ultimate popularity, she has alienated each one of her family members and true friends, and will be all alone with people she doesn't know, or all by herslf completely.
Plankton is a clear-cut example of a megalomaniac. He dreams of wealth and power which controls his every waking moment. When offered friendship, Plankton turns it down for his own selfish needs, and yet, there is a side of him that longs for acceptance and companionship. He wants to be a carefree, happy person, but the side of him that wants omnipotence crushes his other side and causes Plankton to be destined forever to live his life alone and entagle in a never-ending struggle for world domination.
Mrs. Puff, is stuck in a job she absolutely hates. Unlike Squidward, who too is stuck in a dead end job, Mrs. Puff has lost all hope and ambition. She dreads waking up each morning and often reviews her life to find out, as she has repeatedly stated, "where did I go wrong?" Every waking moment feels like a punishment for something she'd done wrong in a previouse life. To her, her future is dead. There is no reason to go on except for the sake of going on. Without a future, there can be no past. Without there can be no present. Without a present, there can be no life. And without life, one cannot be truly happy.
Gary is obviously the intellectual of the two. He is intelligent, poetic, sensitive, understanding, patient, and an all around good guy, but he, is a snail. He shows that, no matter what, if life deals you a bad hand, you can never change it, but try to make the best of it. Yes, it doesn't seem fair that someone with such good qualities be held down. But life isn't fair. It isn't just. Gary can never be happy because life won't let him. He is forever dependent on others for food and shelter. He needs to be taken care of. He is forced to be as happy as others let him be.
Spongebob is the only character that you can say is truly happy. He does not worry about tomorrow, but he doesn't live recklessly today. He is kind hearted and tries to see the best in eeveryone. But what is it that makes him a truly happy person? It is his naivete. He has yet to loose the innocece of a child. He still sees the world through rose-colored glasses. He does very little to change the world except for the better. He goes through life making the best of things, while in control of his own destiny.
You probaly see yourself in one of the main characters of the show. Are you like Patrick who goes through life in a ignorant filled stupor blissfully unaware of your own stupidity? Are you like Squidward who knows so much of the world that the very thought of going on depresses him. Are you like Sandy who fails to create a balance of living for the moment while planning for the next day? Are you like Mr. Krabs who is so obsessed with the almighty dollar that everything in his life comes second to it? Are you like Pearl who cares not for her family, but of what her "friends" think of her?Are you like Plankton whose never-ending quest for more power, whether it be in a job or global domination, causing him to forgo life's little pleasures, such as, companionship and friendship? Are like Mrs. Puff who is so beaten down by her job that she fails to acknowlege that the world is, in fact, a beautiful place? Are you like Gary, who in all respects should have more that is due to him, but life just plays one cruel joke on him after another, forever dependent on others. Or, are you one of the luck few? Are you like {Dramatic Pause} Spongebob Squarepants?

-Ryan Joseph

I suddenly feel like Patrick.

I think I’ll nail this two-by-four into my head now, ok?

This reminds me of a book which teaches the principles of Taoism, using Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Interesting though

Dear RandMcnally,
I have read your expos and would very much like to join the
cult. I will be waiting your command to sell all of my
belongings and join the monastery :wink:
Good Job! That was excellent.

What if you’re like the Captain, singing ‘Oohh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea…’

(in my day, we’d call your expos … reading way too much into the subject…)

I know I’m reading too much into the subject, but I’m tired of watching other’s speeches be boring, so I tried to do something completly original and interesting.