Please white trash people..get your damn pitbulls put to sleep

I’m tired of seeing these monsters walking around my neighbourhood. And its not cute seeing the little kids riding them like little ponies in my park.

Why would you purposely make yourself look like white trash? Are you that insecure?

No thank you.

What are you babbling about? Where are you from that pitbulls are white trash dogs?

You’re gonna catch a ration of shit for this one, starting with me.

I own a ‘pit bull’ mix, my son lives with a rock-solid pit bull. I’d own another one if I could. I love 'em.

The reason some pit bulls are assholes is that assholes, for some reason, want pit bulls.

The default demeanor of the pits I know is a sweet as anything.


Toronto Canada. specifically the vic park and dawes road area.

Don’t y’all have a ban on pit bulls up there? Or was that repealed?

Aw, c’mon, a kid riding any dog is cute! :smiley:

Was there another incident recently?

I haven’t heard anything for quite some time, but for the non-Ontarians, pitbulls as a breed were under much scrutiny for a while around these parts, due to a rash of injuries to people from them .

Pitbulls do have a bit of stigma, deservedly so or not, in southern Ontario.

I would suggest that if little kids are riding them like little ponies, then those animals are probably not “monsters”.

Of course, I’m reasonably certain that

a) there aren’t any kids actually riding dogs like ponies in your local park, and
b) the majority of the “pit-bulls” in your park are actually some other breed altogether

In any case, you should educate yourself instead of ranting about things you clearly don’t understand in the slightest.

Great! Now, among them all out on the street annoying you, what percentage is reading this post? None?


Go make a sign and go protest whatever it is you’re protesting somewhere it might actually do something besides make you appear to be angry white trash.

Actually, I think I know what the disconnect is for me, here. This clearly was meant to be in the Pit, right?
Sorry about that, then.

Rant on!

With that name, I’d totally expect vicious pit bulls.

Mrs. Plant v2.0 had a pit bull rescue that hid under the porch when neighbors came over.

FTR, here is a helpful pictoral guide to identifying pit-bulls.

So a little girl walking her border-collie and having one of these vicious brutes attack from behind and kill her pet is not enough to finally get rid of them once and for all. Maybe I don’t understand killer dogs.

Mine is a rescue also; she has a great big girl bark if someone comes in the driveway, but if they persist she retreats to the back yard.

This much is obvious.

So one member of a breed kills a pet, and that justifies killing off the breed?
Considering the horrible history of John Wayne Gacy, do you also advocate the extermination of the human race?

Yeah! And while we’re at it, let’s kill all of the Norse! That one guy just killed a bunch of kids - what is it going to take before we recognize what monsters they all are and just wipe them out once and for all?!

I’m not talking about exterminating certain races of humans…that would be ridiculous. Do we really care if one certain breed of dog is elimanated from the face of earth? Plenty of other dog species at the end of the day.

I think dogs are mean because of how they are treated, not their breed.
A Doberman on my paper route about a hundred years ago would come through a screen door to get me, ripped a hunk out of my newspaper bag believing it to be my ass, but I’ve seen sweet ones doing agility and playing with squeaky toys.

What are White Trash People in Canada?
In the Southern USA they are poor, ignorant, mean sons of bitches. Also a derogatory term for poor rural people.