Plot holes that ruin movies

*** Spoilers for 2012 below ***

Is there a website that tracks major plot holes for movies? I saw 2012 this week, and I liked it for about 3 days, and then my brain, working against me, figured out a gigantic plot hole that I can’t get past. This happens to me from time to time, and I’m just curious if anyone out there reviews movies from a Gigantic Plot Hole perspective.

I found a site called that points out crap like this:

After the survivors escape from Las Vegas in the Antonov they are obviously worried about fuel and making it all the way to China. As any fool knows, lightening a plane increases range and yet, oddly, it never seems to occur to them to ditch all the heavy and now useless automobiles into the ocean. Luckily, the cars come in handy to manufacture an exciting exit from the plane at the end of the flight.

That’s not the sort of thing I’m talking about. I can suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy some mindless entertainment. What I can’t get past is stuff like this:

The big plot twist in the movie is that the “ships” are boats (submarines), not spaceships. Maybe it was just me, but I was thinking spaceships the whole time, and I felt that the “They’re not spaceships” line was the “a-ha” moment. All well and good, until I realized that the boats weren’t entirely stout. Well, they were, but that’s because they were built in the mountains. If they had been built in a dry dock like everything else, they could have just sent them out to sea and not worried about smashing into Everest. So we have not-so-stout boats that don’t even really need to be stout floating around for less than a month before the end of the world is over and civilization can begin again. So I wonder… couldn’t pretty much any submarine have been just as effective? Or a hot air balloon with 30 days of fuel? Or a blimp? Or a kayak and a shitload of chutzpah? I mean, at the “a-ha” moment, the game changes from “the world is ending, get off the planet” to “there’s going to be a lot of earthquakes and floods, figure out how to float around for a month.” And it seems to me that if you made a public announcement on day 1 and gave people 3 years, lots of these boats/submarines/blimps could be produced, savings millions if not billions of people. Instead, they keep their small-scale “save humanity” plan secret and only manage to save 400k. Seems like all the world governments should be tried for murder, if you ask me.

So, first of, for those who have seen the movie, am I right? And if so, am I right to let that ruin the movie for me?

Also, is there a website where people have aggregated major plot holes like this?


the earthquake that moves just as fast as John Cusack’s limo can drive


Yellowstone blows up

I just turned my brain off. The whole movie was “wow, that looked FANTASTIC!” with a little bit of plot thrown in. The very definition of disaster porn. So, yea, your second spoiler for me was just “oh, another weird decision designed to bring us more special effects.”

(I’ll end this post with my traditional “TSUNAMIS over the HIMALAYAS will never stop being awesome” statement)

THAT’S a traditional statement where you come from? Awesome. (I lolled)

I go into movies like 2012 expecting preposterous, implausible things to happen. So all the ridiculous occurrences in the movie didn’t bother me at all. But it didn’t prevent me from snickering and laughing at times. If you just watch the movie for fun without dissecting it it’s good entertainment.

the crust shifting under the earth to make up for 5000 miles?

It’s my usual statement whenever 2012 is discussed on this board :smiley:

You are right.

You are wrong. The movie is clearly not meant to be a serious thematic drama about the end of the world. It’s a disaster porn action flick, meant to thrill you with excitement and be a visual wonderment of destruction. Plot holes are to be expected and ignored as plot is almost entirely besides the point, the same as in porn films.

moviemistakes like you mention is the main one for aggregation. IMDB lists some things too.

Virtually all of the Harry Potter series is one massive hole. You just have to ignore it and take it for the entertainment it is.

Star Wars, Phantom Menace. Not that the plot holes were all that ruined that movie, but they were the final nail in the coffin.

The entire resolution hinges on the idea that a sane human being would take a 9 year old boy from the safest city in the universe into the middle of a war zone, and upon arriving in said war zone, tell the kid to wait in the car until they had finished slaughtering people.:rolleyes:

Sometimes it’s funny how even in the stupidest, most ridiculously implausible of films, something will stick out that you just can’t get past.

I’m talking about Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and the fact that in order for Ace to solve the case, every football player who was on a team that won an AFC championship game must constantly wear his championship ring everywhere he goes. Even the one who changed his name and masquerades as a woman to hide his identity.Yeah, I know. What the hell is wrong with me?

Hello, I’m Wheelz and I’m a Doper.

<all>Hello Wheelz.</all>

How about the entire resolution hinges on representatives from a Galactic government with superpowers wagering on the outcome of a offroad race for a 9 year old slave’s freedom and a space carburetor for their ship? You know, instead of something like “As representatives of the Jedi Counsel and the Galactic Senate we would like to aquire these parts (we’ll also need a receipt), here is our Jedi AmEx card for payment and we are taking this 9 year old into custody on suspicion of murdering a franchise.”


Only one that comes to mind at the moment is what I can remember of The Truth About Cats and Dogs - friends wanted to see it and my husband and I loathed it from early on, so it’s possible I’m repressing some of it. Janeane Garofalo (plays “the ugly one because I have glasses”) and Uma Thurman (playing “dumb hot blonde”) get caught up in a romantic triangle situation, while Uma’s dating an IIRC kind of abusive or at least very mean guy.

Like anyone cares about it enough for me to put a spoiler, but anyway… Janeane’s character gets The Guy. Uma’s character? No idea, her plotline is dropped. We don’t hear whether she gets away from Jerk or anything. Maybe that’s a “bummer” element and they didn’t want to spoil the cute romantic end or something.

Yeah you got to learn to ignore the plot holes. One thing I found about TV series, is that if you watch them on DVD one after the other, the plot holes become even more and more evident

I went to see 2012. Bought a mega-large Diet Coke and brought my flask of Jim Beam. By the time the movie got to the Himalayas and ships, the plot was pretty much running into incoherency for me anyway, regardless of screenplay consistency and logic. So, no, it wasn’t ruined for me. I had a great time.

I can’t believe I’m about to defend the plot logic of Ace Ventura, but, unless I’m misremembering:

it’s not necessary for everybody to wear the ring at all, it’s just that the criminal DID and the ring was final evidence. And the fact that the kicker was obsessed with the way his career ended makes it a little more plausible that he WOULD wear his ring as a constant reminder.

Not really any more implausible than your usual Holmesian “small bit of evidence with only one possible explanation” scenario.

Indiana Jones and his magnetic gunpowder.

Speaking of Indiana Jones, there’s that scene in the 1st movie where he clambers on top of a submarine and then, somehow, manages to survive the trip to the enemy shipyard.

I mean, c’mon, suspension of disbelief is well and good, but that just goes too far.

If we’re talking about “ruining movies”, then I think it’s important that (a) the movie would be otherwise good, and (b) the plot hole is massive and central to the entire premise of the movie.

Thus, I present Die Hard 2: Die Harder. This movies has a LOT going for it… some terrific suspense and action scenes, some good performances, a really good plot twist part way through that I did not see coming. But it’s largely ruined by the baffling and obviously nonsensical idea that there’s no way for the people on the ground to contact the people in the airplanes, which a moment’s thought indicates is just ridiculous. Also, although less crucially, the bad guys’ plan makes very little sense. Even assuming that Ollie North hyper-patriotic types would be willing to kill hundreds of innocent Americans for what they thought was the greater good, all they’re doing is ending up on a slow plane flying out of the country. Why, what FORCE could possibly intercept them in the AIR and in any way interfere with that brilliant escape?