Plot to smear Mueller uncovered

Yep. The idea isn’t to make anything actually stick against Mueller beyond the first week of November. If they can motivate true believers and persuade enough casual consumers of ‘news’ with a baseless smear, it’ll have an electoral payoff for a relatively minor investment.* They seem to be willing to risk the consequences when the plot falls apart later on.

*Monetarily, anyway; looks like a couple clowns will face some criminal charges.

Press conference to go ahead as planned. What is going on here? Why aren’t these guys too embarrassed to show their faces?

The job of people like Burkman isn’t to be plausible or to prove anything, it’s to allow people in slightly less shitty outlets to go with “people are saying shady things about Robert Mueller” and so on until Fox and Friends is telling 45% of America and Donald Trump that this is a witch hunt and not to trust them.

It’s creating a narrative, nothing more.

But in this case we have people who planned to commit a crime (obstruction of justice). Then their plans were exposed and a ton of evidence that they were planning to commit a crime became public.

Now it looks like their going to go ahead and commit the crime that everyone knows they planned to commit in public, and they are inviting people to come watch.

Is Fox News saying that? I know some very stupid conspiracies have spread before, but this one didn’t have time to percolate on Breitbart or Reddit or wherever before spreading to the wider world, it is so dumb that the news about how dumb it all is seemed to travel quicker than the initial conspiracy. But I haven’t turned on Fox News to see if they are talking about it.

I can’t find any mention of Jacob Wohl on Fox’s website, whatsoever. His father comes up over his support for Roy Moore, but that’s it.

The people this is targeting are not going to hear anything other than the accusation against Mueller, and in a couple weeks it won’t matter if its proven bullshit.

Then why even have a press conference? FOX can just say there was a press conference and everyone was super impressed with the evidence. Say Mueller has retired in shame and that’s that.

Looks like today wasn’t really a success.

Two Giant Idiots Hold the World’s Worst Press Conference

I still can’t believe they actually held the press conference. I guess they wanted more than a mere 15 minutes of public stupidity and self-humiliation.

Truly a gift to those of us who needed a good laugh in this crazy season.

My favorite part: Jacob Wohl Tweeted a photograph of him standing next to the woman accusing Mueller of rape. For her safety, he scribbled out her face in MSPaint.

The only problem is that he’d previously released this picture with her face shown. Also, that’s his girlfriend.

From that link:

“The date and location of the alleged incident—August 2, 2010, in New York City—is important, since Robert Mueller was actually in Washington, D.C. serving jury duty on that day.”

Also from that link:

“Wohl, who insisted his “default is not to believe women,” stammered through much of the conference, spending more time complaining about people making fun of him online than he did actually presenting a credible case for the allegations he was supposed to be announcing. Nevertheless, Burkman—whose fly happened to be down during this extremely important and serious event—insisted on calling the 20-year-old Wohl “a child prodigy who has eclipsed Mozart.””
I hope the FBI turns them inside out. I hope we learn who thought up this attempt to obstruct justice. I’d also like to know who’s paying for their expenses.

Someone’s having to explain this to Mueller with a straight face “Honestly Bob, I’m not pulling your leg, it really was his mom’s phone number…”.

What has to happen in your life (Burkman, Wohl) for you to reach the conclusion that this was a good idea?

You spend all your time in the right-wing conspiracy internet bubble, where you’re told that liberals get away with paper thin conspiracies and lying with paid shills on every conceivable issue. It sounds pretty easy!

Let’s see, based on that photo and the date… that young woman would have been, what - about 10?

My God, it’s Roy Moore all over again…

This story has been my bright spot of humor in an otherwise shit week.

I don’t ever want this story to end. Ever.

You really think she looks 18? She looks young for her age but apparently she’s 34. Here’s a Hill Reporter article on her which includes a 2009 video for her fashion biz.

The person in the photo is not the person in the article. He’s lying about who she is.

The person blanked out in his “here is the witness” photo is the same person in the 2009 video in the linked article. I know that by looking at their faces. What are you going on?