Plot to smear Mueller uncovered

I wonder where this plot was hatched? Tampa? Orlando ? Miami?

This was pretty much inevitable. The Trumpkins see sexual harassment allegations as being low-risk fabrications. They screamed we were opening a Pandora’s box of false accusations. Of course the truth is they were gleeful thinking they were being handed another underhanded weapon, of course it was going to end in tears because they perpetually misread the reality of the situation.

Sic semper douchebags.

Journalists actually do work. If someone is getting paid off to make a sexual assault allegation, journalists will probably figure it out.

The “Financial Investigator” at Surefire Intelligence looks suspiciously like Christoph Waltz.

another False Flag funded by Soros!

Screen cap of Jack Burkman Tweet:

Unlike Kavanaugh and McConnell, it looks like Mueller would actually welcome a FBI investigation. Hopefully, Trump allows them more than 15 minutes on it.

I still can’t completely shake the feeling that there’s something else going on here.

In particular, the woman who contacted the journalists and blew the whistle on the plot seems super sketch and now Jacob Wohl is doubling down and going forward with the story anyway. It feels like there’s a media trap in here somewhere. Jacob Wohl is currently Tweeting stuff like this even after everything that has come out today…

Of course, Wohl and Burkman might just be as completely incompetent as the appear on the surface.

I am betting on Jacob Wohl’s mother’s basement.

Here’s a link to the Scott Stedman Twitter thread that I believe is the story breaking about someone offering to pay for people to lie about Mueller. In particular a woman named ‘Lorraine Parsons’ reached out to Stedman and other journalists to blow the whistle on a plot to discredit Mueller.

Stedman is open about not being sure what to make of it and concluded that it was an effort to discredit journalists because almost everything about it set off alarm bells. Since then we have learned that ‘Lorraine’ doesn’t exist and Wohl and Burkman invented her.

Furthermore Wohl and Burkman appear to be going forward with a story of a woman claiming that Mueller sexually assaulted her even after it has been determined that they are behind the apparently fake whistle blower who is blowing the whistle on them.

This is super weird and I don’t think we’re done with it yet.

Gaslighting at it’s finest. Spread enough manure on the ground and something is bound to grow!

From what I’m seeing on Twitter, this is The Gang That Couldn’t Tie Its Shoelaces, let alone shoot straight. I’ve been busting a gut laughing.

You gotta read this.

You gotta read this too.

Just go to the Mueller thread in the Pit. They’re way ahead on this over there.

From the Gateway Pundit, who “broke” this “story”:

“Surefire Intelligence’s “Head of Government Relations” also works as a model for stock photos.”
That’s pretty god damned funny.
Sure puts a Republican spin on the concept of intelligence.

They did well to get Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz in as their spins wheel finance investigator in Zurich?

Go with your gut on this one. Wohl is only a source of ridicule to anyone outside the bubble who would read the Gateway Pundit rag.

The thing that keeps bothering me is why are they continuing to go forward with their plan? The jig is up, but as of right now the press conference is still on for Thursday.

You’re still trying to apply logic in a post-logic world. For now, they appear to be going forward. I doubt this is going to happen on Thursday, but even if it does it’s most likely because these idiots are running on a sunk cost fallacy or hope that because enough fools have followed them so far they can still get by.

Hell, I wouldn’t even put it past them to jump out with some SEE WE PROVED THERE IS FAKE NEWS BY FAKING ALL THIS STUFF OURSELVES MADE YOU LOOK nonsense.

Hell, Gateway pundit could run an article with the completely factual headline of “Prominent Republican uncovers sexual harassment smear plot.”

Just the fact that this is in the news works to the GOP advantage. By next week all that 70% of the population will remember next time they hear Mueller is “wasn’t that guy involved in sexual harassment somehow?”