Pls Help me to find the ones interested in this!: Are we controlled by secret forces?

This is very interesting and unique when there are still people which can resist all the manipulation in this world to keep them stupid in one way ore the others!

I came up with my own theory and the article I found by chance fits 100% my theory!

I stumbled across this article and I am very interested to find People which are open minded and think about the reality of thing!

This is the article and I believe the individual Hit the Nail 100% on the Head!
Go Here:

Is there anyone out there who likes to get more into this and develop more theory which my bring light to this in my view facts!

I would really like to get in contact with the person started this article! This is very interesting and I am sick of the ignorance in this world because of the manipulation and brainwashing machine controlled by the Elite controlling the whole world! They are not Aliens thats for sure they just a very smart group of individual hiding behind manipulation!

Wibble! Hatstand!

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Are we controlled by secret forces?

When come back, bring fewer exclamation points!

oestert, please read the article again. It argues that there is, actually, NO such thing as a “small Elite controlling us all by manipulating and brainwashing”.


I am still preparing something which Interested people can view and give there comments to or even add thing! I am just a normal person ruled by logic and reality! I hate manipulation since I am small and now I believe I am old enough to have a opinion on all the thing keeping as stupid to not see the reality!
Sorry I am not to good in English but I will try my best to get my point across I will inform you ones I finished my draft on a web-page!

In my theory I placed groups of people I believe are in this “Elite” but I could be wrong thats why I need to find people which could help to place the right groups to my theory but I believe I am getting close to the things which we should never find out about! Anyway we will see!

Please don’t see any of my theory as exact but if I am only 50% on the right track this would make big waves! I need input from people which are objective about reality and are very, very opened minded because to find the reality is not easy because it started long time ago and the ones “The Elite” running the show are very smart!

If I could I would write and a book on my theory right now! I believe that would make big waves in the manipulation System and is also very dangers! Because these individuals will try to get reed of you, if you tush there system, Which by my theory must be the most Holly-est thing for them, because I am convinced it is business and money which rules this world 100% nothing else! No Aliens ore God they only use this story’s from day one to manipulate the Public to get there way!

It’s so much essayer to talk face to face with people, but I know unique people are hard to find, lucky we have the Internet!
But again I do worry about the fact that the big brother is watching comments about this issue; because he is the one controlled by the Elite and will drop if this ever gets out if proved!

[del]Hahahaha! None of them ever think it’s we Martians who are truly in control![/del]

Erm, I mean, carry on, Earth citizens.

oestert, in your linked Straight Dope article, you will note that Cecil refers to an earlier discussion of the Illuminati, That discussion occurred in the fnord article Does May Day actually commemorate the birth of the Illuminati?, in which Cecil points out that the Illuminti is a bunch of hooey concocted partially by the overactive imaginations of paranoid conspiracy theorists and partly by the overactive imagination of pranksters.

Please read this linked article, then tell us in which Forum you intended to post this thread. I don’t see a debate, here.

Are we controlled by secret forces?

In Secret I thing Yes other-ways it would not work!
Forces I don’t know what you would describe as forces! But I thing this are people just like you and me they just have the wealth to play the game the way they do and we the normal population are there tool to get what they wont!

Just look around you and be objective to see what is ruling the world and is destroying so many thing out of greed! Wars what for if not someone makes a profit from it ore could not steal something in the end!
This is going on as long we can see and history proofs this and it never changed till today!
Only now the one running the show are much smarter then in the old times!

I think that alone is probably a quite good indicator that you’re not on the right track.

Sure, somebody has to be the first person to discover any given thing, but the chances that it’s this, and that it’s you are pretty small.

I’m always interested in misspellings. I think our new buddy Oestert may be the first poster on the SDMB to misspell the word or. Is it deliberate? Perhaps it’s a secret message just for me. Everybody else disregard; I’ll keep working on this in my spare time.

You are right, of course.
Just be careful not to go overboard and see conspiricies everywhere.

I deed not really intend to get into an argument with individuals!
Anyhow I was afraid of this!
Look here is the link to download my draft I hope it works: Go Here: to download zipped.xls file is only a draft of my thinking!

Just look at it and you as Modarator are the best judge to decided which part of your forum it would fit “if at all”!

Thanks Mario

Oestert, relax a little.
Yes, there are bad people out there, manipulative, greedy warmongering and also with bad breath. But jumping from that to a millenial secret cabal pulling the strings of history to their nefarious end it´s quite an unlikely stretch.
Also, you´ve just stumbled across the oldest, most cliche form of conspiracy theory, nothing new at all.

If you were not looking for an argument, then I would suggest your better options would be either General Questions if you were looking for a factual answer to a question or In My Humble Opinion if you were just polling the board for people who agree or disagree.
(I can move the thread when we figure that out; you do not need to start a new thread on the same topic in a different forum.)

In order to get some more useful responses, you will probably need to expand on your ideas in your post. Very few people (including this Moderator) are going to download a foreign* file to their computer just to see the ideas of someone who has mistaken Anton Wilson’s joke for a serious commentary on the way the world works.

  • (Foreign in the sense of not from a known and trusted web site; I am not casting aspersions on the factyou post from outside the U.S.)

O.h! If you guys would now how bad I am in English! All this answer would take me a day to answer did not real try to make any argument with anyone!
I just don’t know how to get to the right person where you are on the same wave lages!
I would love to get input in my theory even if it is wrong! I would not come up with something like this if it would just be something we find on the road!
Things like this will be very controversial because there are people which don’t wont to be found out and also must have the power to control as!
Anyhow just look at this I made a link to my Draft File I only started this Yesterday!
Go Here

You are right but bieng straight of negative to whatever comes up is exactly how we have been trained to be too never get to the real point! But maybe one starts a stupid theory and 100 are giving input because it could make sense or even be possible! Now-one ever will develop anything if there are not some stupid ideas sometimes!

oestert, You’re still linking to a zipped download. Unzip it and paste it onto a viewable page and someone might give it a look.

I unzipped it and gave it a look anyway. It’s a very poorly laid out Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with a weird diagram consisting of a Star of David intersecting a triangle (with various parts numbered), followed by a few paragraphs of rambling paranoid lunacy.

And it’s not the language barrier that’s making me say this, neither have I been bought off by the conspirators. It’s just another crackpot conspiracy theory - not even slightly original and certainly not a very well formed one.